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FREE Ashwaq Almagabi

Petition published by elaine murtagh on Nov 11, 2011
Closed on Jan 04, 2012
1280 Signatures 
Target: King of bahrain
Region: Bahrain
Thank You to Each & Every Person who signed and supported this campaign, The petition was able to achieve spreading the news of Ashwaq.

Ashwaq has been released today from Jail, 4/1/12 but remains in hospital for treatment.

Thank you so much.
Elaine Murtagh

Petition Background (Preamble):

Ashwaq AlMagabi was brutually arrested in the car park of the city centre mall on 23rd Oct 2011. she was beaten & detained & later sentenced to 6 months in Jail.

Ashwaq suffers from Sickle Cell Amnemia & had to be released from Jail to be treated in Salmaniya hospital, on discharge the staff rang MOI and the police came and put her back in jail, less than 24 hrs later, Ashwaq is been treated again for her illness in hospital in Bahrain.

UpDate; 2/01/12 Ashwaq Remains in Hospital, in a stable condition again after a blood transfusion today. The stress of knowing that she has to go back to Jail when released from hospital is not helping with her recovery, also knowing her sister Aqeela & her Cousin & 11 other Women Remain in Jail is impacting on Ashwaq health.


We the undersigned ask the King of Bahrain not to send Ashwaq back to Jail on compassionate grounds.

Please release Ashwaq today.

Thank you.

The FREE Ashwaq Almagabi petition to King of bahrain was written by elaine murtagh and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition. Contact author here.

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