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For the love of Lina

Petition published by Marea Gaeta on Jun 28, 2009
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Target: This petition is designed to show support for Kathy Lavalu who is fighting to get her 2 1/2 year ol
Region: Australia

Petition Background (Preamble):

Kathy Lavalu is fighting to get her 2 1/2 year old adopted daughter (Lina) from Tonga to Australia. She has tried many different avenues to get Lina here but all have failed. Now there is only one more avenue to go down which is to appeal the decision to refuse her entry which has to be done within 28 days.

Lina is currently living with her Grandmother and Great Grandmother (as her teenage unwed Mother has relinquished all rights and responsibilities to her as she is no longer legally her Mother) in Tonga where conditions are very harsh. There is little food (she eats 1 meal a day which is usually a small portion of taro and a flour and water mix), she sleeps on the floor (on a mat which is on a dirt floor), with a very thin blanket, and gets bitten by bedbugs (yes they really do exist!!) all night due to the sleeping conditions. There is also no running water and no hot water. Here in Australia she has a bed with plenty of warm cozy blankets for her to sleep in waiting for her but for now its just going unused...



So this petition is to show support for Lina to be allowed entry to Australia and live with her new family that love her and want her here with them.

Feel free to leave comments of support which will be shown to Kathy and her family and may just help in the decision being overturned!!

The For the love of Lina petition to This petition is designed to show support for Kathy Lavalu who is fighting to get her 2 1/2 year ol was written by Marea Gaeta and is in the category Children's Rights at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags: , , , ,

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