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Clear Lee's name

Petition published by Kelly Boyd on Aug 19, 2011
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Petition Background (Preamble):

My husband has been attending Northeast State for 3 years, and had straight A's in every class. His goal is to become an attorney, so he can provide financial stability for our family, in a very uncertain economic climate. He has received his associates in communication and psychology and was recently named the Outstanding Student of the Year for the entire school.

He went over the summer after receiving his associates, to prepare for his upcoming semester at Milligan, and took New and Old Testament classes and Cultural Geography. In the geography class, they were told they could work in groups. He worked in a group with a couple of girls in his class. He made A's on everything he did in this class, and checked his final grade which is an F. They are accusing him of cheating because he and these girls had the same answers.

If they proceed with this, it will ruin his chances of going to law school and destroy our future. He wouldn't have made it to being student of the year for the entire school, by cheating!


Please sign this petition, to fight against Northeast State on accusing my husband of wrongly cheating. If they stick with this, it will ruin our future. Help us clear his name!

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