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Bring Publix to Tifton

Petition published by Tifton Resident on Sep 26, 2006
Closed on Aug 05, 2008
1108 Signatures 
Target: Publix Supermarkets
Publix indicated that Tifton is not in their plans for the forseeable future.

Petition Background (Preamble):

Tifton, Georgia has very few options if you are looking for any sort of customer service from your grocery shopping experience. Every person I have spoken to on this issue agree that a Publix Supermarket is needed in our community.

Publix not only has excellent customer service, it also boasts a bakery, deli and meat department that is hard to beat. Tifton Georgia is located strategically on I75 where there is easy access for customers coming from outside the immediate area.

We are a growing community with a college that just recently has started adding 4 year courses of study, multiple large employers that include a hospital and a department store distribution center to name but a few.


We, the undersigned, call upon Publix Supermarkets to strongly consider Tifton, Georgia for placement of one of their grocery stores. We are tired of limited options, tired of poor customer service and tired of having to drive long distances for an improved shopping experience.

Let these signatures show that our community is ready to support a Publix supermarket in Tifton, Georgia.

The Bring Publix to Tifton petition to Publix Supermarkets was written by Tifton Resident and is in the category Business at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags: ,

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