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Bring Back the Bayonne Hometown Fair

Petition published by Carrissa Golomb on Oct 21, 2013
234 Signatures 
Target: All Bayonne

Petition Background (Preamble):

The Bayonne Hometown Fair was a 10-20 Block Fair on the Main Streets of Bayonne NJ that was a wonderful place to take children and family!

It had vendors, Food, face painting, games and more!


Hey Everyone! Do you remember The Hometown Fair in Bayonne Growing up as a kid?

I am petitioning to bring it back! I loved going as a child and now as a Mom I think it would be so nice to have every year for mine and all your children! Let's Bring Back a little Family time and Fun to Bayonne!

Help me get as MANY SIGNATURES I can so I can go to the city and try to get our Hometown Fair BACK in Bayonne! Who's with me?

The Bring Back the Bayonne Hometown Fair petition to All Bayonne was written by Carrissa Golomb and is in the category Family & Friends at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags: ,

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