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Big Screens In Manchester For The Champions League Final

Petition published by Nick Brown on May 15, 2008
Closed on May 19, 2008
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Target: Manchester City Council
First of all i would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who signed my petition. What have we achieved. Well thanks to the support from everyone the M.E.N Arena will now be screening the game on big screens albeit at a cost of £10 per ticket. This is not entirely what i set out to achieve as i was aiming for big screens like the Rangers fans got free of cost. Atleast now though there is somewhere to watch the game on the big screen with thousands of fellow United fans so thanks again to everyone who signed the petition. It was reported in the M.E.N newspaper that the council would reconsider there decision but it does seem that they will definetley not put the screens back up. They are yet to announce this though. Again i would like to say thank you to everyone who signed and apologise for not being able to get the screens up in the town center. I hope though that the screens being put up at the M.E.N arena will be ok for everyone. Thanks one last time for your support, enjoy the game on Wednesday and lets create a great atmosphere in Manchester where ever you watch it.

Mr N Brown

Petition Background (Preamble):

The petition is for the right for all Manchester United fans to watch the 2008 UEFA Champions League Final on big screens in Manchester. As of today the Manchester City Council has said there will be no screens up on the 21st May for us fans. This is all because of a small minority of Glasgow Rangers fans who started a riot in Manchester on the 14th May 2008 for the UEFA Cup Final.

Their reason for doing this is because one of the many screens across the city stopped working. This is no excuse for violence but it is also no excuse for the council to punish the people of its own city. Do the council actually think that on May 21st if the screen fails again that the people of its own city will trash it?

Please sign this petition to get the council to put up the screens for us. It is reported that thousands of fans from all over England and Ireland are coming to Manchester for the final but now have nowhere to watch it. All pubs are charging to get in and have sold out of tickets so many people are going to be left disappointed and are going to struggle to find somewhere to see the match.

The people of Manchester are being punished for something people from another country have done to our city. Big screens are being put up in London for Chelsea fans who are going to enjoy a great atmosphere with fellow supporters, whereas in Manchester they're doing nothing other than leaving fans with nowhere to watch the game.

This is part of the statement concerning Manchester United fans the council made after the riots in Manchester following the UEFA Cup Final.

"We're going to have to disappoint a lot of Manchester United fans and we're sorry to disappoint them," said council leader Sir Richard Leese.

"But our view, the council and the police, is that it would be unacceptable to city centre residents, businesses and other users of the city centre to have big screens next week after what happened last night."


We, the undersigned, call on the Manchester City Council to do something for the people of Manchester and the Manchester United fans all over the UK by creating fan zones with big screens for the UEFA Champions League Final on May 21st 2008.

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