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Help Kids with Autism

Petition published by AJ Patino on Jun 06, 2012
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Target: Board of Education-Special ED Schools

Petition Background (Preamble):

My son was attending special ed class at a stockton school my son was diagnosed with autism four months ago. I've had so many problems with the teacher/and aids in his kindergarten class. My son is 6 yrs but he was referred to a different school because they were not equipped to handle his autism.

My son is not a bully and he's not mentally retarded he has a hard time communicating. My son has a hard time focusing on school activities and staying seated. But he does know his letters and loves the ez school alphabet game online.

These children with autism need the right tools in learning computer use for learning activities and also learning devices/ for hearing and seeing and language for speak and say phonics on computers.


I would like for our community to help me open two schools or classroom for only autistic children.

This petition requests teachers to be trained and ready for autistic children and have patience for our future.

These kids are smart they need a helping hand.

The Help Kids with Autism petition to Board of Education-Special ED Schools was written by AJ Patino and is in the category Children's Rights at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags:

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