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A World Without Money - A Resource Based Economy "Petition to Change to A Resource Based Economy"

Petition published by Andrew Gault on Sep 13, 2011
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Target: All the World Governments.

Petition Background (Preamble):


This Partition is to show our Governments, that we the people of Earth will not bend in Tyranny & Subservience to the Monetary System. We no longer wish to be the 99% of the world population that owns 60% of the wealth, while other 1% of the Population owns 40% of the wealth at the detriment of the 99%.(Keeping in mind that there are 7 Billion people on this Planet).

We Strongly Believe that a Resource Based Economy using a "Resource Management System" set out by Peter Joseph of the Zeitgeist Movement. A PDF containing this information can be viewed at


This Partition is in my opinion and all of the (undersigned) “A World Wide Public Global/Consensus” of the direct will and demands/wishes/intents of the Majority of the Peoples of the planet Earth, and their countries.

These Demands by the People are not conventional, so conventional means of presenting this Partition may not apply to its outcome.

1) We the People Demand that the Governments of our Countries to “STOP” using the Monetary System, and any other form of Trade for Labor/Goods and Services, and Immediately introduce “A Resource based Economy”.

2) The world will then be guided by New Governments that will be selected and voted in by - the general public and not by Military or Occult, Monetary and or Political Power - Corruptible organizations.

3) We all have a right to Life, and the Resources of the Earth, as long as it is not at the detriment of other life and the rights of that life.

4) That all Resources of the World are distributed based on the requirements of the people, and Environment.

5) That all the People of the World are provided with - Clean non Polluting Energy, Clean water, Clean non - Genetically Modified Food (Unless Proved Harmless to life). The Best Medical Treatment and Medicine, Safe Comfortable Dwellings/Shelter, Clean Energy Driven and Safe Transportation.

6) Education for all people, that is based on Technology, Positive Human Development, Caring for the Global and Cosmic Environment (Space).

Yours sincerely
(the undersigned)

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