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Save our pet bunnies from myxo

Petition published by Crusader on Jan 10, 2011
1805 Signatures 
Target: Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry
Region: Australia

Petition Background (Preamble):

Currently the myxomatosis vaccination is not available in Australia, even though it is available in other countries.

Due to high rainfall and an increase in mosquito breeding in 2010/2011 hundreds of pet rabbits in Australia have already been euthanased from this fatal introduced disease. Myxo is fatal and there is no cure.

Australia's wild rabbit population have already developed a mild immunity from myxomatosis.

Pet rabbits do not carry any immunity and 100% will die from the disease. Pet rabbits are highly unlikely to pass on immunity to wild rabbits if vaccinated as there is less chance a person who would vaccinate their rabbit would also release it into the wild.

Pet rabbits do not carry the capabilities to exist in the wild due to their colourings, build and lack of survival skills.


We the undersigned demand the myxomatosis vaccination to be available for our pet rabbits. We do not want to live in fear that our beloved pet rabbits may die from an introduced fatal disease that was intended for introduced wild rabbits.

Our pet rabbits are born & bred as pet rabbits. They do not carry any immunity to myxo and we the undersigned refuse to lose our beloved members of the family to a disease that was not intended for them.

Please import or develop the myxo vaccine for our pet rabbits in Australia.

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