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For Ms. Anderson to stay the Director

Petition published by Suncia Bartow-Cruse on Dec 02, 2010
Target: The board of Kiddie Kollege
Region: Wales

Petition Background (Preamble):

With Ms. Anderson background in education and her business experience Kiddie Kollege would benefit from her taking over and getting the center back to what Mrs. Williams wanted it to be.


We the employee's of Kiddie Kollege and Mama's and Papa's are all in agreement it would be in the best interest of our kids and Kiddie Kollege to hire Ms. Anderson for the Director of Kiddie Kollege.

The For Ms. Anderson to stay the Director petition to The board of Kiddie Kollege was written by Suncia Bartow-Cruse and is in the category Education at GoPetition. Contact author here.

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