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Mesa Verde High School Band and Choir all year round

Petition published by skye on Aug 29, 2010
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Target: Principal Richard Messer

Petition Background (Preamble):

For years Mesa Verde has had Band and Choir all year round. The children at mesa verde loved this. Students in band where alble to be in pep band and play at Mesa Verde's home football games. Choir was able to have more concert and perform WITH the band all year round. Students and parents alike enjoyed choir and band together. It gave it something special.

This year however band and choir have been separated. Choir in the fall and Band in the spring. This takes away from the students who truely enjoy musical arts.


Please help Mesa verde's Band and Choir to be rejoined.

By signing this you are letting Principal Richard Messer Know that they belong together and SHOULD be year long.

The Mesa Verde High School Band and Choir all year round petition to Principal Richard Messer was written by skye and is in the category Arts & Entertainment at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags:

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