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We Want Merry Christmas Lights on our town's Parade!

Petition published by julie on Nov 23, 2009
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Target: Warwick District Council

Petition Background (Preamble):

Christmas is central to the Christmas and holiday season, and in Christianity marks the beginning of the larger season of Christmastide, which lasts twelve days.

71% (according to 2001 census) of this country population are Christian.. Christian's celebrate Christmas.. Why wont our town? why do you celebrate a religion's festivities on our parade that only represents 1% of this country?


We want MERRY CHRISTMAS up in lights, central on our parade, we want Christmas carols, and a BIG Christmas tree... not Happy diwali and a tree of light whom very few can celebrate compared to the Christian community!

We wont be forgotten or given the back seat! Warwick district council needs to recognise the hand that feeds them!

The We Want Merry Christmas Lights on our town's Parade! petition to Warwick District Council was written by julie and is in the category Religion at GoPetition. Contact author here. Petition tags:

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