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Equal Representation of Women in TV/Film Drama

Petition published by Equity on Feb 06, 2009
6883 Signatures 
Target: BBC,ITV, Channel4, Channel5

Petition Background (Preamble):

Petition for Equal Representation of Women in TV/Film Drama

What's the story on TV tonight ... that women are the minority sex with a reduced shelf life?

By adding your name to our online petition you can help change this.

Sign this petition by clicking on the blue button below. WE WILL KEEP THIS PETITION GOING IN ORDER TO RAISE AWARENESS UNTIL THINGS CHANGE. PLEASE FORWARD THIS PETITION TO YOUR CONTACTS. (We also have over 3,600 signatures on a parallel paper petition, which brings the TOTAL NUMBER OF SIGNATURES to OVER 10,000).


Over half the audience is female, yet in TV drama for every female character, there are two male characters.

Whilst leading parts are frequently played by male actors over 45, women in this age group start to disappear.

The picture this gives is distorted and distorting. The same is true of theatre which although not the original target of this petition has an equal responsibility for balanced representation.

We call on all those in a position to do so, to take action to correct the current imbalance.

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