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Petition published by vincent kanani on Jan 03, 2008
I, the undersigned, call on the commonwealth to assist Kenya stop from becoming another Somalia by forcing the government to re-tally the presidential... more
Petition published by Eamonn Thiong'o on Jan 02, 2008
I have spent many nights awake trying to find a way to instill sense in my fellow Citizens but I have decided, I will not hold to echo my thinking to my fellow Kenyan's having witnessed the general divide and the worst tribal clashes that have engulfed our beloved... more
Petition published by Naomi Odero on Jan 02, 2008
I call on the COMMONWEALTH, AU, EAU, UN, to ask Kibaki to step down for President Amolo Raila Odinga because he is the rightful winner of the just concluded 2007... more
Petition published by kibibi on Jan 02, 2008
We call on the commonwealth to intervene, and restore calm to... more
Petition published by Jacky on Jan 01, 2008
Kibaki should step to save kenyans' lives.

Please it is our request that you may understand the situation and accept the reality.... more
Petition published by peter m osora on Jan 01, 2008
we kenyans abroad need the following:

** Lift the media bans in kenya.... more
Petition published by Fredrick Adede on Jan 01, 2008
We are asking the president to step down and let an independent audit be done on the tallying of the presidential... more
Petition published by yebei on Jan 01, 2008
We call on the international community to arbitrate in a rapidly escalating orgy of violence and destruction of property and innocent... more
Petition published by Stephanie on Dec 30, 2007
We, the undersigned, call on all School Boards to finally start a course that will teach the young students in elementary and high schools to understand the importance of life so that appreciation can be encouraged.... more
Petition published by Jeny OHara on Dec 18, 2007
We, the undersigned, request that the Minister for OLGR Mr Graham West, The Lord Mayor Ms Clover Moore, all Sydney LAC Commanders and the NSW Commissioner for Police Mr Andrew Scipione work in agreement to achieve an immediate cessation of the current practice... more