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Petition published by infinity a rogers on Oct 04, 2007
signing can make a diffrernce don't forget my slogan ''save a soul from... more
Petition published by Shannon on Oct 01, 2007
We, the undersigned, believe sophmores should be able to drive to... more
Petition published by BMXbean on Sep 29, 2007
Dear Barnsley metropolitan borough council,

We are writing to request a skate park located in Barnsley. Please take time to... more
Petition published by cason on Sep 19, 2007
We, the undersigned, request that the Texas Department of Education take action on this subject. This test needs to be reviewed and banished from our schools.... more
Petition published by Sahara von Hattenberger on Sep 17, 2007
We, the undersigned, call upon the Canadian Government to lower the voting age to thirteen years of... more
Petition published by Peter Yu on Sep 13, 2007
相互大力支持 Mr.徐東!!... more
Petition published by Doris on Sep 10, 2007
We, the undersigned, call on to the Azusa Unified School District to replace the old school playground with new and advanced equipment/playground.... more
Petition published by Steven on Sep 08, 2007
Sign this petition requesting that every radio station in an area where there is an excessive amount of teen violence, participate in the Airwaves For Youth Program.... more
Petition published by Ryan Walker on Sep 03, 2007
We, Swapitshop members, call on Swapitshop to scrap their new design and bring back the old... more
Petition published by daniel cole on Sep 03, 2007
this works im am a habbo controller in the credits department and as i work there i am entilted to 100 credits a day i dont have a habbo so if you leave your username and password i can put them on ur acount NO SCAM trust... more