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Petition published by Kyle Miller on Aug 25, 2014
FUNimation really needs to get the Sgt. Frog dub on either Nicktoons or Cartoon Network so it can become a lot more well known in the US. If more people in the US know about the series' existence through either networks and enjoy it, the DVDs could end up selling better... more
Petition published by Brian Albrecht on Aug 24, 2014
We the people hereby petition the Mississippi Department of Education to take advantage of the following available United States public policies within Mississippi public schools. By instating these policies not only will the spread of this obesity epidemic be... more
Petition published by GemmaThompson on Aug 22, 2014
We the undersigned call on the Ministry of Justice to stop people being named by the media unless found... more
Petition published by dorian smith on Aug 22, 2014
Return Animal Planet Back to its Animal... more
Petition published by Black Television News Channel & Florida A&M University on Aug 22, 2014
We call for the Federal Communications Commission to waive “noncommercial educational programmers” on Direct Broadcast Satellite (“DBS”) systems for the Black Television News Channel and Florida A&M University partnership, granting a temporary, 3-year... more
Petition published by lyle carpenter on Aug 19, 2014
Change blackout rules to 150 miles from anywhere games are played and no more than 200 under big games like Super Bowl or other championship type... more
Petition published by kane kitman on Aug 17, 2014
Sign so the old cartoon network shows promos the old cn checkerborad logo.

There's a need for new seasons and new episodes of old cn... more
Petition published by Timothy Whitfield on Aug 15, 2014
I would like the Pokemon Company International to bring the revived Pokemon Learning League to television.

It would be a great benefit for the company and the franchise as a... more
Petition published by mark toy on Aug 10, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on Damon Beesley and Iain Morris to send the lads to Vegas for inbetweeners 3.

We ask you to send the lads on well earned mental trip to the lights... more
Petition published by paige lee on Aug 09, 2014
Bring Ty Pennington and the Home Exterme Makeover Design Team Home to Benton... more