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Petition published by Michael Haywood on Sep 29, 2015
We, the undersigned, call on FLOW Grenada to refrain from increasing the cost their internet service in these hard economic... more
Petition published by Mike Popovic on Sep 08, 2015
I support the initiative to rename the upper portion of "Burlington Street", in Hamilton, Ontario, to "Nikola Tesla Expressway". Tesla was a genius who changed the world, and influenced the industrialisation of Hamilton a century ago, specifically around... more
Petition published by Gender Summit 6 Asia Pacific on Sep 02, 2015
We, the undersigned agree on the following recommendations for actions:

1. COLLABORATE by creating national and regional alliances to enable... more
Petition published by Dr. Abdisalam Mohamed Siyad on Aug 19, 2015
We the undersigned (the Somali people) petition the UNPOS to consider that “we will accept no less than free elections in... more
Petition published by Philip Horzempa on Aug 08, 2015
We, the undersigned, believe that a geographic feature on Venus should be named "Magellan."

This would honor the team that overcame many difficulties to place... more
Petition published by Keith Noisewater on Jul 08, 2015
We the undersigned would like management to buy Case an animatronic T-Rex for the office.

We feel this benefits us greatly by not only boosting the overall... more
Petition published by Chetan Takyar on Jul 04, 2015
We, the viewers of LinusTechTips, DEMAND the installation of a fire pole for Linus to do the introduction on( or whatever use he can find for... more
Petition published by Jim Senka on Jun 25, 2015
I am signing this petition because I want our Municipal and Provincial governments to protect Smithers' air quality by ensuring that emissions from businesses do not adversely impact our air quality and health.... more
Petition published by on Apr 28, 2015
We, the undersigned, call on Revenue Scotland to provide third-party vendors with improved support in the development of LBTT applications, including but not limited to a dedicated technical contact, reviewing of test submissions and access to pre-release... more
Petition published by david dalechek on Apr 02, 2015
We, the undersigned, wish to drop Circuits Lab from the Mechanical Engineering... more