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Petition published by Michael Wahib on Dec 17, 2014
نحن نريد توحيد الاحتفال بيوم ميلاد السيد المسيح في 25 ديسمبر. نريد ان نستعيد الروح الواحد لكل مسيحيين العالم.... more
Petition published by Stop Reporting on Religious Groups on Dec 16, 2014
By stopping the reporting on Religious wars, Terrorism, and anything dealing with one race vs another, we can eliminate racism.

No Audience, No... more
Petition published by Nicholas Yoshioka on Dec 15, 2014
The Mike Brown Shooting was a racist act from the ferguson county police realizing that every law official for example: Lawyers, Mayor, Task force officials are all white as seen in the video clips that there is no blacks, which raises a suspicion of kkk influences... more
Petition published by Aik Eluigwe on Dec 10, 2014
We, the undersigned, demand that ALL participants in this ugly episode of leadership struggle going on presently in the Assemblies of God Nigeria to henceforth resign whatever position they occupy -be it in the General Council, Districts or Sections- in order that a... more
Petition published by Sinite parvulos on Nov 29, 2014
We, the undersigned, request the Holy Father to give a universal children's adoration for christmas 2014 to praise the Lord, obtain graces and blessings for children all over the world.... more
Petition published by Ioana-Noemy Toma on Nov 25, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on the UN and the global leaders to support the secularization of the global society and of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.... more
Petition published by Citizens for freedom of speech and religion on Nov 24, 2014
Dear U.S. Senators, Congressmen, and UN representatives

We, the undersigned call upon you to speak up about the human rights violation of prisoners of conscience in Iran. Based on the latest... more
Petition published by Curtiss Crossley on Nov 16, 2014
I, as a member of the Abounding Life Church of God in Christ agree that the Trustee Board should be... more
Petition published by Traditional Ifa/Orisa Worshipers Association on Nov 13, 2014
We, Practitioners of The Ifa/Orisa African tradition, as lawful citizens of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, wish to be recognized by our government as a sole religious entity.... more
Petition published by Christine Rinas on Nov 06, 2014
We, the undersign, call on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to bring back "Merry Christmas" ( including Christmas Tree )in all areas of government instead of "Happy Holidays". We as a Canadian want you to start listening to what the people want. We want the term "Merry... more