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Petition published by Bill Ker on Oct 29, 2014
The people of the UK, lawful citizens of all cultural, ethnic and national origins, religion, colour, and class, demand the right to live in the UK with their partners and families of any nationality, free from state interference from this morally bankrupt UK... more
Petition published by Phyllis Briggs on Oct 28, 2014
We, the undersigned concerned citizens, call on prayer to be reinstated into our public schools.

If our money can display "In God we trust" then we can aknowledge his... more
Petition published by Mariusz Wesolowski on Oct 26, 2014
Your Holiness,

Since you have made mercy toward human beings the keynote of your pontificate, we would like to respectfully ask you to issue a call... more
Petition published by John Pacheco on Oct 23, 2014
Dearest Synod Fathers,

As you gather in Rome to discuss the challenges and issues facing Catholic families, we, the Catholic laity, are concerned that the... more
Petition published by Luis Manuel Aguana on Oct 22, 2014
La gravedad de los hechos descritos nos conduce a todos los católicos de esta comarca a ratificar nuestro convencimiento que la talla sagrada de la imagen del «SANTO CRISTO DE LA GRITA debe perdurar por muchos siglos en su Santuario natural que lo es La Basílica... more
Petition published by FRANK CITONE on Oct 19, 2014
We call on the UN to stop the Asia Bibi death sentence in Pakistan and in the whole... more
Petition published by Al Maidah Inc. on Oct 13, 2014
We, AL Maidah Inc., are against Faith-Based organizations that do not protest against Domestic Violence, Child Abuse and Elderly... more
Petition published by Jade Poultney on Oct 13, 2014
We, the undersigned, fully support the proposed plans to establish a Mosque in the town of Ellesmere Port, promote religious freedom for all in our community and condemn the intolerant actions and language carried out and published by... more
Petition published by ban the burka in Australia on Oct 10, 2014
We the undersigned the wider diverse Australian Community wish to ban the burka in public places, banks, petrol stations and in all forms of motor vehicles.... more
Petition published by Sidharth Rai on Oct 05, 2014
Gadhimai Festival, Nepal, mass animal sacrifice festival:

In an unparalleled religious madness, in Nepal, a Hindu festival calls for a mass animal sacrifice which is considered to be the... more