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Petition published by Ruthann Hewson on Feb 23, 2009
In Support of:
A Joint Resolution claiming Sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over certain powers; serving notice to the federal government to cease and desist certain... more
Petition published by Vince Leibowitz on Feb 21, 2009
I support a Resolution of Censure against State Rep. Leo Berman, and call upon the members of the Texas House of Representatives to author and pass such a resolution... more
Petition published by Tom Foreman on Feb 18, 2009
To: Senator Burris

Whether or not you are convicted of perjury or expelled from the U.S. Senate, your contradictory statements have reopened the controversy... more
Petition published by L. Hamilton on Feb 16, 2009
We the people of the United States who support Barack Obama and the economic stimulus package hereby challenge each and every Republican congressman and congresswoman who voted against the stimulus package to return any and all federal monies given to their constituents... more
Petition published by Milan on Feb 16, 2009
This country is in crisis as well as in economical and ethnic problems.

If we want to keep this country going forward and eventualy joining... more
Petition published by Tom Foreman on Feb 15, 2009
To: Members of the Senate and House of Representatives

We believe the time has come to put an end to scandals like the one surrounding the selection of a Senator for the seat vacated by... more
Petition published by Stewart McDonald on Feb 10, 2009
We, the undersigned, call for a peoples inquiry into the recession. This inquiry should be made up of trade unions, community groups, consumer rights groups and other NGO's; to establish how we have ended up in recession, who was responsible, what involvement the UK... more
Petition published by Manius on Feb 08, 2009
Let the citizens unite and prevent opprobrium conduct from occurring by our senators. We have the urgent need to prevent a small group of 100 senators from ever conspiring against the public.... more
Petition published by kavoosi on Feb 08, 2009
براي حمايت از اين خواسته بزرگ (خارج شدن نام سازمان مجاهدين خلق ايران از ليست تروريستي آمريكا)اين پتي شن را امضا ء كنيد . تاازحمايت و تاييد تك تك... more
Petition published by SteveRuthP on Feb 08, 2009
We, the undersigned, call upon the Home Secretary to reconsider their case and grant them permission to remain in the... more