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Petition published by Anonymous on Jun 08, 2009
"We Kenyans of the diaspora, call on Kenyans, AU, UN and other development well wishers to ask Kibaki to step down... more
Petition published by Roxas on Jun 07, 2009
We, the Citizens of The World, request full dissolution of the current world political, social and economic order. We propose a new system of equality for all, the abolition of money and financial superiority, and end to all human suffering, and end to injustice.... more
Petition published by Richard MacKenzie on Jun 07, 2009
We the undersigned call on Prime Minister Gordon Brown to call immediately for a General Election.

We believe that it is time that the people... more
Petition published by faith on Jun 07, 2009
I think Chad Michael Murray as Lee Shin & Kristin Kreuk as Chae-kyung would make a good pairing... here's the synopsis of the show:

Goong is a story about young love in face of tradition, politics, and... more
Petition published by Billy A Middleton on Jun 05, 2009
We the undersigned call on all parliaments of the UK to hold Ministers to account for breaching the code of conduct and failing to ensure public safety as a result.... more
Petition published by Shmollin on Jun 05, 2009
This petition is asking the government to remove all candidates of parliament that have taken advantage of their position, by taking money that was not rightly their money.... more
Petition published by Kevin McGlinchey on Jun 04, 2009
We the undersigned, call on David Cameron MP Leader of the Conservative Party to SACK ELEANOR LAING MP, and make her pay the full £180,000 tax she avoided paying, to the Charity Child... more
Petition published by steven badgley on Jun 02, 2009
We can Cure the energy crisis that we are now facing, producing all the CLEAN energy we could possibly use! Not to mention solving our food shortage problems, all sorts of Health and scientific advances to cure many of our unsolved problems and ills.... more
Petition published by Ron Duister on May 28, 2009
Teken deze petitie tegen het vervolgen van Geert Wilders Het mag nooit zo zijn dat allochtonen de dienst gaan uitmaken in Nederland (en de rest van west... more
Petition published by bill o' connor on May 28, 2009
In the light of his recent excessive claims for Parliamentary expenses, we, the undersigned call on Mr Jonathan Djanogly to stand down as a parliamentary candidate for the Huntingdon Constituency at the next general... more