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Petition published by nhtmvs on Sep 05, 2009
Therefore, We, the undersigned, call upon the congress of the individual states as well as the federal government to invoke and or modify the laws necessary to set up and or adopt a program allowing for the voluntary registration of those of the homosexual community... more
Petition published by David Koch on Sep 04, 2009
We demand the total removal of all of the present administrations "Czars". Our government is already far too... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Sep 03, 2009
I, the undersigned, urge the Legislature to support the California Green Insurance Act of 2010.

This legislation will establish environmental standards and... more
Petition published by ciaran on Aug 31, 2009
I think it is just stupid to ban these things, it is far easier to go and buy illegal real ecstacy pills or other drugs from real criminals. No matter what the government bans next drugs are here to stay and are a part of modern society if you like it or not. Lots of... more
Petition published by Liam McCafferty on Aug 30, 2009
Open Letter to Peter Davies

Mayor Davies,... more
Petition published by Ithopia on Aug 28, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on Law Enforcement and The Government at large to be more transparent when it comes to threats to our community.... more
Petition published by hcomnow on Aug 25, 2009
To President Obama and the Congress of the United States of America,

We the people of the United States would like to ask you to scrap the... more
Petition published by Janus Raiden on Aug 23, 2009
Dear President of China,

the world can no longer see what you do with the people in Tibet so we will say FREE Tibet NOW.... more
Petition published by Bloody Nora on Aug 20, 2009
We the undersigned, demand that the Gold Coast City Council, for a 12 month period commencing the 1st of November 2009, enforces a complete ban on all Overseas Junkets.... more
Petition published by Sebastian Ronin on Aug 17, 2009
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED VIA THIS PETITION that I, the undersigned citizen of Nova Scotia, fully endorse the Leadership Bid of Mr. Ronin to introduce and undertake, in part, a re-invention, re-branding, re-positioning and “cleaning house” of the Green... more