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Petition published by Fazal ur Rehman Afridi on Apr 16, 2011
We Pashtuns of Pakistan request the International Community in General and UN in particular to take firm action against those who are responsible for this genocide and prosecute all those responsible including the Army high Command who ordered the killings of innocent... more
Petition published by Mohsin Raza on Apr 06, 2011
Petition published by Rizwan Jamil on Apr 06, 2011
Which one of the following ruling systems should be implemented in Pakistan?

1. Democracy... more
Petition published by Atif Majeed on Apr 04, 2011
We the undersigned, call on the Prime Minister and the Cabinet members who made the decision to devolve HEC, to take back their decision with immediate effect for promotion of higher education in specific and prosperity of Pakistan in... more
Petition published by Shakee Rashid on Apr 02, 2011
Upnageet™ , which translates to “Our Song” is a local based start-up company in Chicago that is seeking FCC approval for a FM 24x7 South Asian radio station. We are in great need of 15,000 signed petitions in order to receive FCC approval in Chicago and the... more
Petition published by muneefah on Mar 26, 2011
It's not just a game any more. It's a matter of morale boast for a nation who is in a series of crisis.Our tigers r on the soil of enemy and at this time We want all of us to stand together N WATCH THE MATCH:P... more
Petition published by Tom Hayden on Mar 23, 2011
We believe that Col. Quaddafi is an autocratic ruler who has controlled Libyan lives for far too long. The use of force under the international responsibility to protect civilians is justifiable.... more
Petition published by newpakistan on Mar 07, 2011
We, the undersigned, call on your good offices to take an urgent notice of this illegal practice and order the release of these Pakistanis being detained contrary to their very basic human... more
Petition published by MPetition on Feb 03, 2011
We the Pakistani people demand all TV channels in Pakistan to:

Please stop showing vulgarity and satanic ideas that incite people. Please stop injecting cheesy Indian movie songs in news clips as if... more
Petition published by usman on Feb 02, 2011
we call on the Pakistani private Channels to stop promoting foreign culture and stop spoiling our... more