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Petition published by Ashba Kamran on Sep 09, 2009
We strongly oppose the current system of education for not facilitating children with Learning Disabilities in both the private or public systems of education. These children are an integral part of our society and deserve proper education.... more
Petition published by Tom Hayden on Sep 03, 2009
We, the undersigned peace and justice leaders, believe that the American military interventions in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq are deepening quagmires that threaten a Long War without end.... more
Petition published by Zephyr on Aug 26, 2009
We, the undersigned call on the Hon'able Chief Justice of Pakistan, to punish all those responsible for: plotting false allegation of Jinnahpur map and starting Army operation against MQM, character assassination of Altaf Hussain and other party leaders,... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Aug 11, 2009
1. Immediately extradite Pervez Musharraf to Pakistan.

2. Labour's must stop supporting dictators.... more
Petition published by Naeem Malik on Jun 10, 2009
Home Secretary,
Government of the United Kingdom

We, the undersigned, express our grave concerns over the immoral... more
Petition published by Abdul Hekmat on May 07, 2009
Join a protest to defend the Afghanistan women’s rights.

Condemn Afghanistan’s government for passing the anti-women legislation.... more
Petition published by babarkhan on Apr 19, 2009
We demand that Administration of all universities in Pakistan to act`s now to stop the sale of Plastic Bags in the shops within the premises of University as a part of our contribution to stop global warming on Earth Day.... more
Petition published by Khursheed A on Apr 15, 2009
That almost from about a century the residents of the area were provided water from Uch canal which receives water from Pat Feeder, now under the grip of a severe problem of water pollution ranging from upstream agricultural lands as no drainage facility available... more
Petition published by Pakhtunkhwa Peace Forum on Apr 08, 2009
We the undersigned demand CBC to stop this media bias against innocent Pashtuns who are themselves victims of terrorism. We need media support to eliminate Talibinization from our region, however by portraying all Pashtuns as a Taliban will damage the anti Taliban... more
Petition published by Arouge on Feb 26, 2009
Although, Mr.10% has committed many blunders, but the biggest one of all was the disqualification of The Sharif brothers and the dissolving of Punjab Government.... more