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Petition published by sarmachar on Jul 27, 2010
Please sign this petition to protest illegal kidnapping of Zakir Majid Baloch... more
Petition published by zaindaudpoto on Jul 25, 2010
Dear Mr Chief Minister,

According to Forest act 1997, National Environmental Policy of Pakistan 2005 and National Conservation Strategy 1992, We can not... more
Petition published by HUMEIRA BALOCH on Jul 21, 2010
PLZ wake up my baloch brothers and sisters. Balochistan is our land we must struggle for our mother land and make it "AZAD... more
Petition published by G. Ahmad on Jul 12, 2010
We, on the behalf of ‘Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaa'ah’ all over the world condemn the attacks on DATA DARBAR. They have attacked the symbol of peace in Pakistan.... more
Petition published by Ali Baluch on Jul 10, 2010
Subject: Application under Article 34 of Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms read with Art 22 (4) (CAT) in respect of Mr. Zakir Majeed Baloch’s abduction and illegal detention.... more
Petition published by waseem on Jul 09, 2010
It is the time for Pakistani Nation to condemn the fraud activity of Corrupt Politicians. We are reputable Nation not the gang of... more
Petition published by niazi on Jul 07, 2010
Please sign to stop those who are violating the environmental... more
Petition published by salahuddin on May 19, 2010
People are making fun of Islam by drawing bad sketches of our Prophet (PBUH) on facebook.

Delete the page "Everybody draw Muhammad (PBUH) day" on... more
Petition published by nighat on May 19, 2010
The competition on Facebook should be stopped.

It's against the religious rights of al... more
Petition published by Ali Baloch on Apr 02, 2010
Meanwhile a central spokesman of BNF (Baloch National Front) has strongly condemned the forced-disappearance of Mahboob Baloch and Mir Bohair Bangulzai Baloch. The spokesman alleged that Pakistan government and intelligence agencies were arresting Baloch activists... more