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Petition published by Eugene gibson on Nov 19, 2014
We the undersigned call on First Caribbean International Bank to review and change the recent policy changes to their banking... more
Petition published by Jason Jones on Oct 18, 2014
We call upon the management of the website to remove the image of a disgraced US flag from their... more
Petition published by Shawn kaka on Sep 27, 2014
I want the conservative government to reduce spouse sponsorship processing times and treat everyone... more
Petition published by edward maekivi on Sep 26, 2014
We the undersigned call for the Australian government and FSANZ to create legislation forcing companies to label their food if it has been certified Halal and state the price it costed to get the certification.... more
Petition published by colin j ely on Sep 20, 2014
We call on our Governmet to enact a Bill banning the wearing of clothing or accoutrements solely or substantially designed to cover the whole face whilst the wearer is in a Public Place, Such Bill to include, but not be limited to, Full Face Motorcycle Helmets,... more
Petition published by Nigela Rhodes on Sep 16, 2014
We the undersigned demand the immediate ban of the Burka, with the belief it threatens our national security, and would relax some of the fears us British people have whilst living amongst people with their faces covered, during which our country is on high alert.... more
Petition published by Carlton Overton on Aug 31, 2014
We the people petition Congress to take appropriate action against the Federal Reserve bank cartel.

Stop the debt... more
Petition published by Jonathan on Aug 04, 2014
I would like to get this simple letter to the President:

"Mr. President,... more
Petition published by Harry Tanser on Jun 20, 2014
I would like Mallard to steam... more
Petition published by Jerome Walker on Jun 11, 2014
The increased fines on vehicular offences should only be 25% or less.

Increase of fines for vehicular offences should by limited, NOT... more