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Petition published by Association des paraplégiques du Québec on Jul 09, 2009
I, the signer of this petition, do not agree with the decision of the RAMQ to impose a maximum speed limit of 10km/h for users of motorized wheelchairs awarded by its program. This restrictive measure totaly impedes the freedom and autonomy of handicaped... more
Petition published by Valerie Dalgard on Jul 08, 2009
This petition is to enforce the laws that are already in place, by removing the option for law and state agencies not to act in such a serious family issue.... more
Petition published by Tina on Jul 08, 2009

The signatures below are of those citizens of Virginia in support of the amendment to the Felony Murder Doctrine {Code 18.2-33}, which... more
Petition published by Dominic Mosley on Jul 07, 2009
The undersigned approve this petition; a petition in regards to the non-monitored use of the Cannabis sativa, calls for the legalization of said species. The Cannabis sativa has been used since c. Third Millennium BC as a source of fiber, seed oil, food, hemp, jewelry,... more
Petition published by Ekaterina Vorontsova on Jul 02, 2009
Уважаемый Дмитрий Анатольевич!

К Вам обращаются обычные граждане Вашей страны.... more
Petition published by Pro Choice QLD on Jul 02, 2009
TO: The Honourable Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland.

This petition of Queensland citizens draws to the attention of the... more
Petition published by Antwion Butler on Jun 29, 2009
Until these demands are met, we the undersigned will use the power of the vote to remove every incumbent from office that has not recognized signed and supported this... more
Petition published by Evan Queitsch on Jun 28, 2009
Delaware's government is broken. Over the years we have lost our focus on our founding principles and values. We have tried to plead and work with our elected officials but it is no use. They ignore us or worse yet pass legislation to spite us. It's time we returned... more
Petition published by Susan on Jun 26, 2009
We urge the legislators to acknowledge that relative care givers have the right to an automatic adoption of the child placed with them after three years. This would be an option of all and prior grandfather in prior cases.... more
Petition published by Sharina Badger on Jun 25, 2009
I urge everyone to contact their congressman and senators and put forth every single effort to get it passed. This could make a great difference in the lives of millions.... more