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Petition published by Catherine Davis on Nov 16, 2014
We the undersigned want a change in the law that governs the rights of Grandparents to allow them to be given their grandchildren and not place them into care, when they are removed from their parents for whatever reason, providing the grandparents are fit and able to take... more
Petition published by Professionals' Alliance for Democracy on Nov 13, 2014

我們是一群服務香港的專業人士,部份是特首選舉的選舉委員。我們除了支持無篩選的真普選之外,亦重視法治和社會的核心價值。我們希望政府和學生透過對話,可以早日達成協議,讓社會重回正常運作。... more
Petition published by jesse c hernandez on Nov 10, 2014
I want the obama law stopped now.

It is not helping us. It is hurting... more
Petition published by Support Enforcement Laws Need to Change on Nov 06, 2014
We, the undersigned, from all 51 States and Territory's Of North America, ask you, Senator Patty Murray to please make Stricter Enforcement of Penalties for Non Payment, and Emotional Distress of Children who have suffered the anguish and Pain from The NCP (Non... more
Petition published by Ian Dodkins on Nov 01, 2014
We call on you to give British citizens the same rights to bring their families into the UK as European citizens currently... more
Petition published by End Homelessness And Political Corruption on Oct 13, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on New Jersey government and Social Service organizations to recognize there are approved/safe day care establishments willing to extend their hours to non-traditional hours, so working parents, and single parents no longer have to... more
Petition published by jeromy sullivent on Oct 13, 2014
We the people of the state of Arkansas want to revise the current hog transportation laws to allow the private citizens the right to transport feral hogs to a private pen approved by the Arkansas livestock and poultry commission.... more
Petition published by Jason on Oct 09, 2014
Factual data has shown that red light cameras not only cause no reduction in traffic accidents, but they also are a negative drain on the budget. As a result other counties in Texas have nixed the red light camera programs.... more
Petition published by Trevor Mills on Sep 30, 2014
We the undersigned, call on the Representative of the Sovereign's Head of State, to take action to enforce this petition into law, the removal of any politician/s, regardless of political rank of Councilor, MP or Prime Minister, immediately from their duties of... more
Petition published by Christina Weibel on Sep 19, 2014
We the undersigned, call on the state legislation to legalize and regulate prostitution.

Legalizing prostitution would greatly reduce sex crime rates and... more