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Petition published by Tom Foreman on Oct 20, 2011
We petition the Obama administration to include expiration dates in its lists of open petitions, or create a new list in chronological order.... more
Petition published by Tomica Mather on Oct 17, 2011
We the undersigned call on the Police Minister to increase police numbers in Wellington so that our police station will be 24/7.

The increased police presence around the town, will prevent more... more
Petition published by Saied Sanandeij on Oct 13, 2011

بە ئیمزا و پشتیوانی خۆت، ڕێ بگره‌ لە کوشتاری شارومەندی سیڤیل و بێتاوان... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Oct 10, 2011
Dear Registrar,

We, the undersigned Chartered Accountants, members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario (ICAO), would like to request... more
Petition published by Chris-Marie on Oct 09, 2011
Online Predators, how many are there?

Unfortunately in South Africa it is illegal to use "fake" users to lure pedophiles on social websites such as Facebook, Mxit, etc. The... more
Petition published by Građanska akcija on Oct 07, 2011
izražavam svoje mišljenje - vrijednosni sud:

Vrh HDZ-a je - zločinačka... more
Petition published by Jonathon Baer on Oct 06, 2011
We, the undersigned residents and concerned citizens, do hereby petition for a Grand Jury Investigation and a Forensic Audit of all hard copy and electronic documents, records, recordings, communications, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR),... more
Petition published by Brittany Hicks (Hurt) on Oct 05, 2011
I am asking for the law makers of KY to please create and follow through with a bill that would allow past offenders to have an opportunity for their records to be expunged. I know they're are many others that feel let down by the laws of this beautiful state.... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Oct 04, 2011
We the undersigned request a ban or a reform of the group Unite Against... more
Petition published by Vahid.Qarabagli on Oct 02, 2011
1) We call on the Iranian authorities to immediately and unconditionally release Abbas Lisani, as he is a prisoner of conscience, held solely for his defense of the right of the Azerbaijani people in Iran.... more