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Petition published by Michael Povey on Oct 17, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on the Bristol City Council to ban the sale of glass bottles in Bars and Nightclubs in exchange for plastic bottles due to obvious risk they pose as weapons. Too many people have been maimed and even killed in the past due to attacks with... more
Petition published by Jutta Koebernick on Oct 12, 2014
1) We, the undersigned, condemn the arrest of Abdolfattah Soltani.

2) We demand the unconditional and immediate release of Abdolfattah Soltani.... more
Petition published by Balaji M on Oct 09, 2014
Petition to Honorable Indian Supreme Court

This is in regard to the Historic Judgement from Honorable Karnataka High Court involving Judges of Special Court and High Courts... more
Petition published by geoffrey on Oct 06, 2014
We, the City of Canberra, call on all parents to keep their children indoors after 10pm, until they learn and demonstrate respect for our city and our... more
Petition published by Joshua Lim on Sep 28, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on the Minister for Home Affairs to prosecute Han Hui Hui to the fullest extent of the law for her actions at Hong Lim Park on 27 September... more
Petition published by Adrianna on Sep 25, 2014
We the undersigned enlist support for the construction of safety and noise-mitigating walls along the Five Mile/Meridian Interchange as noise levels have increased with... more
Petition published by Carlyle Lochan on Sep 24, 2014
Re :Margarita Golsaya Case #113113914 - Sergei Vorobiev Case #113113906 and Alexander Vorobiev Case #113113898

We the undersigned, petition Mr. Gerard Lague, Prosecutor, Montreal... more
Petition published by Shailesh Prasad on Sep 21, 2014
Petition to legalize prostitution in India. To whomever it may concern and who has the authority to legalizing it, especially the Hon'ble Home Minister.... more
Petition published by David Lesneski on Sep 19, 2014
We, the undersigned, call upon the local District Justice and borough/township to assist in the beatification of our local towns, by having criminals wearing brightly colored shirts stating the crime that was committed.... more
Petition published by Urban Research Group Bham on Sep 19, 2014
We the residents of Birmingham, Alabama are tired of the senseless murders that's happening to our young black youth.

We are calling all Law Enforcement Departments to increase street... more