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Petition published by Movement Against Violence & Impunity (MAVI) on Aug 27, 2014
Fellow Liberians, this is a passionate and just call for all of us to stand up and demand justice for the over 250,000 Liberians who lost their lives in the senseless civil war.... more
Petition published by LOOK LISTEN DECIDE on Aug 27, 2014
We the undersigned Australian tax payers, demand Immigration Lawyers, and or their Legal Practices, be held accountable for financially disadvantaging Australian citizens and placing enormous drain on already diminished resources. Class Action cases result in further... more
Petition published by Joseph G. Lewis Jr. on Aug 26, 2014
We, the undersigned, request your assistance as an independent body to probe into what we believe was a senseless murder of Shaki Kamara in West Point, Monrovia,... more
Petition published by Jayne Fisher on Aug 25, 2014
We the undersigned believe that family should have a say in a persons life when they do not have the capacity their selves. At present decision making falls to the council but how can they know the person as well as the family?... more
Petition published by james grimes on Aug 23, 2014
We the undersgned call on the justice system to compensate James Donnelly for the destruction of his home and his... more
Petition published by tom claffy on Aug 23, 2014
In the face of unfounded growing opposition and a call for the resignation of certain officials in the city of Ferguson, Mo, it is important that long time citizens voice their support for our public servants.... more
Petition published by Kate Pennington on Aug 19, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on the Australian Legal System throughout the court and medical commission to change the law of such easy access to a person's medical records without their consent, knowledge and a chance to seek legal representation as to the reason... more
Petition published by Lori Cooper on Aug 16, 2014
It’s time for Ross University to reinstate Jamie without prejudice so she can complete her degree. Every student is entitled to the right to opt out of procedures which involve killing animals unnecessarily.... more
Petition published by Tonya daniel on Aug 15, 2014
We need this child support petition signed so we can get action from a higher... more
Petition published by Tammy Alford on Aug 13, 2014
Dear Cold Justice TV Show,

Please come to Monroe, LA and take the 32 year old cold case of Sherry Alford and the 34 year old cold case of Angie Hill. Our local... more