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Petition published by Trooth Decay on Oct 27, 2005
We, the undersigned, beleive not only that the government's proposed legislation to tap public communication (Lawful Access bill) is totally unnecessary , but that it is also a desecration of our civil rights that Canada as a country and culture has cherished for over... more
Petition published by quocviet on Oct 27, 2005
The Vietnamese government is still jailing internet visitors. This is not acceptable to people who love freedom.

Stop jailing internet... more
Petition published by Matthew on Oct 24, 2005
In signing this petition I show my full support against HTML being abolished, and my desire to save... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Oct 21, 2005
Please sign the petition to make emailcash see that we want to be included as a Rewards Partner on the emailcash... more
Petition published by Amy on Oct 04, 2005
We want the rainbow pool active! When do we want it? NOW! By signing this petition, you will help get the rainbow pool back to us! Thanks for signing and HELP US GET THAT POOL!... more
Petition published by Craig on Oct 03, 2005
Sign the petition and get one wild carl... more
Petition published by Tyler Ocon on Sep 27, 2005
The undersigned kindly request that the Newton Messagepad PDA is revived with a new PDA, better than all those out on the current... more
Petition published by Ben Ratliff on Sep 22, 2005
The Rat was recently banned on J&R Forums. Sign this petition to unban... more
Petition published by Carrie Kadra on Sep 21, 2005
Alleged "offenders" (such as my brother) that have been framed as a sexual preditor should be taken off the Internet. We, the undersigned, think they should have privacy.... more
Petition published by The Uninvited on Sep 12, 2005
We believe that taking away the NFC was a mistake on RH's part because we are now all faced with the terrible reality of going out and getting a life. Please, RH, bring back everyone's favorite message board!... more