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Petition published by Fernando on Nov 07, 2006
Nós, abaixo assinados, solicitamos a rejeição do projeto de lei que exige a identificação dos usuários de Internet no Brasil e manutenção de registros de suas atividades on-line, por acreditar que tal prática se trata de inaceitável invasão de privacidade.... more
Petition published by Jacqueline Ennis on Oct 27, 2006
To: Rep. Shelley Berkley, we the undersigned, ask you to please present this Petition to the Congress and Senate.

Per your statement at the U.S. House we believe you are the best... more
Petition published by Patty on Oct 23, 2006
We, the undersigned, request the federal government to establish one day out of the year to be National Computer Technician... more
Petition published by brandon on Oct 21, 2006
i think they should add smarterchild to interactive buddie as some of you know you can abuse your buddie with exploseves guns ect. i think it would be fun to toture smarterchild whos with... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Oct 20, 2006
We, the Undersigned, would like AOL to take note and change the AOL message format back to the olf Format we had.

We would also like a vote on any other future changes, so we can... more
Petition published by john on Oct 19, 2006
We, the undersigned, maintain that the Internet cares about Kathy's buddy... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Oct 18, 2006
We, the Undersigned, wish to pledge major concerns about the sale of AOL UK to the Carephone warehouse. We would perfer to stay under AOL control and keep enjoying the excellant features and Broadband that AOL provide without useage limits.... more
Petition published by 00 on Oct 16, 2006
We, The Undersigned, are asking for the immediate repeal of the Anti-Online Gambling Enforecement Act of 2006. We strongly believe our government should not prohibit adults from enjoying an American pastime in the comfort of our homes.... more
Petition published by Jessie on Oct 13, 2006
I, Player of Habbo sign this petition to get free coins if 150 people... more
Petition published by Taylor on Oct 07, 2006
If you would like 10 x the ammount of neopoints you have now, sign this with your email address and i will send... more