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Petition published by theroyalgoat on Feb 06, 2006
We believe that if he was the type of person who made a good mod back then, then he is certainly good enough to be re-modded.

Everyone should be entitled to a break, and that's all SwimMod_Deus... more
Petition published by jemal on Feb 03, 2006
We want to stop the petition against ogrish as ogrish tells it how it is.

We want ogrish to stay online.... more
Petition published by melissa springmann on Feb 01, 2006
We, the undersigned, ask Congress to help reduce communication rates for the Morale of our deployed soldiers and their families.... more
Petition published by Bruce Helmick on Jan 11, 2006
All of us on IMDb who want to ban GreenMoray, LavoDolphin, and TheAgitator (TheStalker) should sign here... more
Petition published by Dave Manning on Jan 08, 2006
We, the people who signed this petition, think that every British man, woman and child shouild have free broadband internet access at... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Jan 05, 2006
Wij, leden van het BNN-forum constateren dat er veel onrust is ontstaan bij het aanstellen van de nieuwe moderators. En speciaal vanwege de aanstelling van Muisje74 en verzoeken bij deze Muisje74 zichzelf terug te trekken als... more
Petition published by Marco on Jan 03, 2006
Si chiede al Ministero delle comunicazioni di attuare provvedimenti efficaci affinchè le famiglie siano avvisate dal pericolo Internet e i genitori sorveglino i loro figli durante la loro permanenza sulla rete. Tutto questo per impedire un'epidemia di futuri... more
Petition published by Luke on Jan 01, 2006
This petition is to debadge the habbo staff member Johno from for doing the 3 things mentioned above that staff members shouldn't do, being a smart alac and generally not... more
Petition published by sirbrad on Dec 28, 2005
We, the undersigned, call for the immediate removal of all incompetent Penguin... more
Petition published by Tommy Burrows on Dec 24, 2005
Send the Devvo's mate is so sexy! lol thread to the Spam Dump.... more