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Petition published by hst on Mar 19, 2007
Unban Mango from #streetra3, for he didn't do anything... more
Petition published by Kane on Mar 14, 2007
You should do this for us nobody else. We need this so USA or other counteries don't take over like they have on our servers.

Sign this for our... more
Petition published by john on Mar 13, 2007
All you have to do is go to your purse and press F5(this will log you off, but log back on and...), this enables your account for free credits, then you ring a number I can give you if you sign this petition.... xxxxxxx and a freindley voice will ask you for a code,... more
Petition published by hongloy on Mar 11, 2007
The goal of this petition is to gain 1000 signatures. The signatures will be forwarded to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to continue fighting online... more
Petition published by alex on Mar 10, 2007
people who quitting runescape send me your account plz... more
Petition published by Tp on Mar 10, 2007
i know the way of gettin free habbo credits NOT A SCAM my friend showed me how all u hav 2 do write ur name n password n and nxt time you log on you will hav 1000 CREDITS NO LIE it worked for me and now i'm RICH RICH RICH so help me HELP U... more
Petition published by al on Mar 07, 2007
We, the undersigned, call on the U.S. to eliminate the use of Websense Enterprise website blocking.... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Mar 07, 2007
Please sign the petition to help ban porn and (if possible) demolish porn sites.

Porn should be made ILLEGAL and... more
Petition published by zezima on Mar 02, 2007
Hello I have been playing runescape for 4 years imreally bored now i am a lvl 98 and decided toquit. To anyone out there here are some items ifyou want. To get any of the items on the list ican transfer them to your account. I cannot tradein runescape or i will get... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Mar 02, 2007

We, the User's of, call on MySpace to introduce an even tougher universal... more