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Petition published by Carlos Miranda-Garcia-Tejedor on Oct 28, 2009
The family claimed asylum in the UK, but their claim was rejected. It again failed on appeal and this was upheld at a reconsideration hearing. Shortly after receiving this news the boys' mother collapsed and was taken to hospital.... more
Petition published by InternationalRefugeeTrust on Oct 27, 2009
Appeal for the protection of vulnerable communities and those affected by the LRA in Central Africa.

Appeal to the support for the arrest of LRA leader Joseph Kony,... more
Petition published by Mykola on Oct 27, 2009
22 жовтня цього року Верховна Рада прийняла за основу проект закону про внесення змін і доповнень до деяких законодавчих актів (щодо протидії... more
Petition published by RDC Youth Union on Oct 26, 2009
These things has been happening for more than 3years. We feel that the time has come to say NO to these people, the time has come to Stop living in fear, the above cruelty must end now and you members of community especially Congolese people must act now. We calling... more
Petition published by Lutz on Oct 25, 2009
Nur einen Tag nach dem Internationalen Tag gegen die Todesstrafe am 10. Oktober, hat die islamische Republik Iran angefangen, die politischen Gefangenen zum Tode zu verurteilen. Bis zum 13.10.2009 sind vier Todesurteile gegen Arash Rahmanpur, Nasser Abdolhosseiny,... more
Petition published by Farhad Eshraghi on Oct 25, 2009

Camp Ashraf residents, political dissidents of the Iranian religious dictatorship, at risk of a forcible displacement:... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Oct 20, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the Attorney General, Troy King, in the State of Alabama, to consider the Desta Dodson-Byrd case a priority, given that an innocent life was taken in direct disregard to the laws of our state.... more
Petition published by Dale Roberts on Oct 20, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the Queensland government to change the age of consent to 16 regardless of gender or sexual... more
Petition published by MJ Fans on Oct 19, 2009
We, the fans of Michael Joseph Jackson, are making a plea in honor of Mr. Jackson that the hosting of extremely abusive, defamatory channels
about MJ be halted immediately.... more
Petition published by adam wood on Oct 19, 2009
Give me the chance to have time with my nephew. You wouldn't like something you love be taken away from you and if you have lost that someone you love, you will know how hard it is, so give me the chance to stop this for uncles all over UK... more