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Petition published by Bob Schrameyer on Feb 16, 2009
We want you to know that we have a serious illegal alien problem in this area. Local companies who hire these illegals benefit at the expense of legal residents and American citizens.... more
Petition published by barbeth essi on Feb 14, 2009
Chris Brown allegedly hit Rihanna. The point is by now we know he hit her with all the apologies he is sending his family members to make. In the hip hop industry this is not a big deal and several people have been condemning Rihanna for speaking out on his violent... more
Petition published by Alexandria Naumovska on Feb 14, 2009
Humans can no longer dictate over animals' right to freedom to further their own selfish needs and... more
Petition published by Jasim on Feb 13, 2009
Please support the campaign to release Delshad Zorab and grant him asylum by;

*Signing this online petition.... more
Petition published by Wayne Hardingham on Feb 13, 2009
We, the undersigned, believe Mark and Nicky Webster have been the victims of a terrible miscarriage of Justice and demand the return of their three stolen... more
Petition published by sobhesepid on Feb 13, 2009
ماامضاكنندگان زيرباتاكيد ازشما(پرزيدنت اوباما)ميخواهيم كه باشجاعت وقاطعيت ,ميراث شوم استمالت راكنارزده وباحذف مجاهدين ازليست... more
Petition published by Matthew Edwards on Feb 13, 2009
We believe that the LIFETIME ban on "men who sleep with men" from donating blood is fundamentally wrong.

It feeds on stereotypes that men who sleep with men are promiscuous... more
Petition published by Colin David McCann on Feb 12, 2009
We, the undersigned, strongly encourage L.Gen Romeo Dallaire be considered as the next Governor General of Canada by the Prime Minister.... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Feb 12, 2009
Trinidad and Tobago is a small Caribbean island with a population of only 1.2 million people, recently it was discovered that these people are in danger as many of them are reported missing as a result of human trafficking.... more
Petition published by Andrew King on Feb 12, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper NOT to jeopardize the safety and freedom of Canadians by repatriating accused terrorist murderer Omar Khadr or granting refugee status to former detainees of Guantanamo... more