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Petition published by LGily on Feb 03, 2016
We take a stand FOR encouraging gender equality.

We take a stand FOR inventing measures that will help attract women to the field and help them stay within the field.... more
Petition published by Manolis Moustos on Feb 02, 2016
Στις 10 Μάρτη έχει προγραμματιστεί η εξ' αναβολής δίκη των 12 φοιτητών του Φυσικού που διώκονται από τους καθηγητές τους από το φθινόπωρο του... more
Petition published by christina cheetham on Feb 02, 2016
We, the undersigned, call on the New Zealand Government to put a stop to the meetings of the group "return of the kings" that are scheduled to take place here in New Zealand on the 6th February 2016 and any subsequent meetings here of the same group or people who are... more
Petition published by gavin on Feb 02, 2016
We need either a alan from the hangover costume so him and the baby can both join us pr failing that a kennel pr bparfing place for... more
Petition published by Joshua Akinrelere on Feb 01, 2016
Warren Hagans is one of the most loving people you can ever come across, a family man and he also has a good talent with music, Beyond that these types of false accusations/charges are very often in the pg county MD area & we pled for justice. Our former... more
Petition published by Sonja Walter on Feb 01, 2016
Sonja Walter
August-Ganther-Str. 12
79117 Freiburg... more
Petition published by Washington Community Action Network on Jan 29, 2016
Tacoma residents depends on MultiCare Health System for care when they need it most.

However, MultiCare's commitment to pursuing profits through debt... more
Petition published by Margaret Lennon on Jan 29, 2016
Policy Pledges for 2016:

1. Fully reasoned decisions within 8 weeks in relation to applications for Domiciliary Care Allowance [DCA] Carers Allowance... more
Petition published by Jamael McLeod on Jan 28, 2016
I know there has to be a million people who are completely fed up with being harassed and brutalized by the police in North Carolina alone but we have to start right here in our own city, our hometown where we've been stalked, harassed, belittled and just down right... more
Petition published by Chelsea on Jan 27, 2016
We, the people of the Facebook community, call upon Mark Zuckerburg and all of the employees of Facebook to add ANIMAL ABUSE into their policy and guidelines violations on the grounds that human-on-human violence is removed, but human-on-animal violence is somehow... more