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Petition published by Gigi Steinbarth on Aug 31, 2015
I am requesting signatures for women-only train cars in the City of Chicago so that we may ride without fear of aggression or assault at the hands of men.... more
Petition published by Erin Askins on Jul 18, 2015
We, the undersigned, call on Facebook to lift the account locks and allow Facebook users to hold accounts in their preferred name, for the sake of personal safety; no legal verification... more
Petition published by Cali Smith on Jul 01, 2015
We agree in that this picture should be removed from the Internet in its... more
Petition published by Ken on Jun 24, 2015
We should ban the gay rights rainbow flag since it offends approximately 80% of this great nation.

It is disgusting that our government allows it to be flown or painted... more
Petition published by Jeremy Kaelin on Jun 10, 2015
We, the undersigned, demand that hate and ignorance not be allowed to be spread through our community from anyone, including our local news anchors.... more
Petition published by Wezesha Dada,Inua Jamii on May 28, 2015
We the undersigned call on the MEDIA to run five more minutes of positive news about women every week for the next six... more
Petition published by Girls of QMS on May 27, 2015
By signing this petition, I agree that girls in Mansfield Public Schools deserve the right to express their uniqueness without having to worry about getting called out on wearing too short of shorts or tank tops.... more
Petition published by Rick Rhoney on May 22, 2015
This page needs to be shut down immediately because its bad enough that the son isn't facing any charges. Also we don't need a constant reminder of the bad actions that Josh Dugger did on Facebook! Please sign this petition so the page can be BE SHUT DOWN ASAP!... more
Petition published by joseph D'Angelo on May 05, 2015
We call on the Ontario and Canadian court systems member's/employee's to immediately refuse to take part any longer in commiting human rights violations in the name of women against men.... more
Petition published by ziggy jin on Apr 13, 2015
We, the undersigned, call on Sheboygan Central High School to eliminate repercussions and negative feedback on males for wearing bandannas as an... more