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Petition published by laney on Sep 21, 2007
So Zelda ocarina of time is the best game ever created. But the thing is when twilight princess came out it was supposed to be a sequel when there was only a couple things the same.... more
Petition published by bob on Sep 19, 2007
just leave your user name and password so i can activate it or just leave your user na but change your pass to $moneymoney$... more
Petition published by trozi on Sep 16, 2007
Tell your runescape username and pass plus what lvl that account is plus leave the amount of money with the account so I can estimate how much days/months/years of membership i can... more
Petition published by peter on Sep 15, 2007
we the following want lived to die of runescape 2 to have a fair appeal and a fair chance to play without being harrased and accused of... more
Petition published by gowolfpack333 on Sep 14, 2007
Please sign here to get a free membership from me and... more
Petition published by brian on Sep 13, 2007
Sign for free habbo coins... more
Petition published by Hans Hoogendoorn on Sep 12, 2007
This petition asks gaming community if they would like to see the "ASSAULT" game type featured in FarCry 2.

Please sign this petition if you want assault to be included in Far... more
Petition published by taylor fowlar on Sep 11, 2007
the first thing is, this is NOT a scam!!!!!! 2nd, i will ask for ur password. make sure you set recoveries before signing this petition. i think jagex needs to make a run meter that doesnt run out as fast. i am always playing and have 100% in my meter. then i start off... more
Petition published by Petar on Sep 11, 2007
We, the undersigned, call on SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) to unlock the PSP firmware so that the PSP is homebrew-capable out of the... more
Petition published by Keenan on Sep 09, 2007
We, the undersigned, Call on the companies Sega and Nintendo To allow Sonic in... more