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Petition published by Brent Dwyer on Sep 06, 2007
If you agree that panzer's should be BANNED from use in Enemy Territory sign this... more
Petition published by Xirtstrix on Sep 05, 2007
Hello, my name on Runescape is Zezima.If you look on the high scores i am ranked #1! I want to help all you begginers and intermediate players.I will train your account for you if you are not a very good level.If you message me for an account i will give you one in the... more
Petition published by Dakota Waddell on Sep 03, 2007
We, the undersigned, call on Jagex to bring back RuneScape... more
Petition published by peter on Sep 03, 2007
my name is peter the owner of the famous account on the popular game runescape zezima yes.... its true 1 lucky fello will shortly be the owner of my account OMG its so...... exciting wow ahem so my account as you know is lvl 99 everything i have 24 days left of member... more
Petition published by Squishy on Sep 02, 2007
Really, hasn't layo suffered enough already? do you want to have her as a world leader? I know we are close to the edges of doom as it is, but no need to add her to the apocalypse.... more
Petition published by wade on Aug 31, 2007
7 of every dragon wepon
4 whips
3 rune scimmys... more
Petition published by Jared Dorsla on Aug 29, 2007
We, the under signed, Call onto Nintendo And Sega To alow Shadow the hedgehog
into... more
Petition published by Jared Dorsla on Aug 29, 2007
We, the undersigned, Call on the companies SEGA And Nintendo To allow Sonic the
Hedgehog Characters to appear in the game Super Smash Bros.... more
Petition published by jamie on Aug 28, 2007
Runescape is so unfair to the new guys right? so why Can't I give something to them? I am giving away loads of free stuff... for Free.... more
Petition published by ruben on Aug 25, 2007
Dear Microsoft gaming studios,

I'm a big F1 (Formula 1) racing fan so when I heard there was a game about F1 I was really excited but then I noticed that the game was... more