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Petition published by wade on Aug 19, 2007
my account is tazz jr and im bored with my lvl 126 and lvl 14 overall giving it away for a lvl 25 and up because i dont wanna start all over again too low!... more
Petition published by wade on Aug 19, 2007
i quit my job at jagex and still can do the "free item pickup" cheat, or glitch...and i want to give away my stuff and stuff u want but u need to be able to use anything you want 30cb lvl if you want... more
Petition published by Habbo on Aug 16, 2007
see all of these people claming they can get you free coins.
In fact only the Official Habbo Team can get you free coins, no-one else.
Following these tricks may result in money loss and id highly... more
Petition published by Martin Vail on Aug 15, 2007
We, the undersigned, call on Sega of America to replace current Sega President Simon Jeffrey with another due to his obvious ignorance of the desires of the company's fans and poor choices for the... more
Petition published by wade on Aug 15, 2007
i am quitting runescape and want to pass on my belongings to a worthy runescape player...but their are requirements...750 total lvls...60 - 110 cb...u cant be some idiot who don't know jack **** about... more
Petition published by Jordan Hicks on Aug 15, 2007
We, the undersigned, call on Activision or RedOctane to please lower the price of their downloadable content for Guitar Hero II, which currently stands at 500 Microsoft Points per pack, which £4.25/$6.25 in real money!... more
Petition published by simon on Aug 14, 2007
Hey I'm finally finished making my stat/money/item editor!!! My account is now placed number 94 in the hiscores!

So if you want an item, mad stats, or be freaking rich leave ur... more
Petition published by Phoenix on Aug 14, 2007
We, the undersigned, fully support the making of a third Max Payne... more
Petition published by JasonO on Aug 13, 2007
We, the ArmA and Gaming Community, call on 505 Games to reconsider the box set winner. We want a more interesting and eye-catching... more
Petition published by Gavin Kamen on Aug 12, 2007
Blizzard should create a server physically located in Australian/NewZealand in the near future to accommodate the growing number, and the already established number of Australian/NewZealand WoW Players.... more