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Petition published by Brandon on Jan 20, 2008
Please say that you will want yugioh to be once again part of the cartoon network... more
Petition published by Connor on Jan 18, 2008
Sign here if you want to be able to have a free choice of XBLA game compensation instead of Undertow.

While some people might find this outrageous, we went through a lot... more
Petition published by Maverick41 on Jan 17, 2008
As a gamer I am outraged in the gaming world for the lack of respect towards Halo... more
Petition published by tam on Jan 07, 2008
Should we be allowed?

Are we discriminated against?... more
Petition published by Heymbit on Jan 05, 2008
For over a year now iTunes has released games for the iPod, costing $5 each, with one exception of Appleā€™s $1 iQuiz.

To date, 25 games have been released in about 400 days. Titles have... more
Petition published by dean on Jan 05, 2008
Petition published by Jesse on Jan 02, 2008
I say, we should get activision (Maker of COD line of games) To make Call of Duty 5 a sequel to COD4. It is very unclear if Cpt. price dies, and it was a very short game.... more
Petition published by Benjamin Park on Dec 29, 2007
We, the undersigned, strongly suggest that Yu-Gi-Oh cards should be completely eliminated from local toy... more
Petition published by Idontcare on Dec 27, 2007
Crysis should be on the Xbox 360!

Sign this if you want this game for your... more
Petition published by Jamie Saunders on Dec 27, 2007
The ports aren't even ports. Game's don't work properly. Battlefield 2412 Ask's me to download EA Link and Won't let me go past 1024x768 on the resolution. Harry Potter is very rubbish quality. Command and Conquer 3 is slow.... more