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Petition published by Johnathon on Oct 10, 2007
So vote and post your comment on what you think.

We want a Koopalings... more
Petition published by koolkid123 on Oct 10, 2007
We all know Marron, the only daughter of the great Krillin, and Android 18! I believe that Marron knows how to fight, and should be able to have a free spot in the next Tenkaichi game!... more
Petition published by Dylan on Oct 04, 2007
Someone should recreate the actual game "THE WORLD"!!!!!... more
Petition published by fabio on Oct 04, 2007
wana be member? call me!! sign ur details and i'll contact... more
Petition published by Dan on Oct 01, 2007
If Apple won't listen to a game developer, perhaps they will listen to us.
Fortunately they have a good history of doing so. I ask you to sign this petition... more
Petition published by Antonio on Sep 30, 2007
Ban mr.Hobo from Pokemon... more
Petition published by Guybrush Threepwood on Sep 28, 2007
We, the undersigned, would like Telltale Games to start work on the third Bone... more
Petition published by laney on Sep 21, 2007
So Zelda ocarina of time is the best game ever created. But the thing is when twilight princess came out it was supposed to be a sequel when there was only a couple things the same.... more
Petition published by bob on Sep 19, 2007
just leave your user name and password so i can activate it or just leave your user na but change your pass to $moneymoney$... more
Petition published by trozi on Sep 16, 2007
Tell your runescape username and pass plus what lvl that account is plus leave the amount of money with the account so I can estimate how much days/months/years of membership i can... more