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Petition published by DemocracyNow on Jul 06, 2015
We call people from all over the world and especially the Europeans to support the NO decision of the Greeks to the referendum of the 5th of July!... more
Petition published by Greeks abroad on Jul 01, 2015
Η απάντηση των Ελλήνων του εξωτερικού σε τελεσίγραφα είναι δεδομένη. ΟΧΙ!
Μετά από 5 χρόνια σκληρών μέτρων... more
Petition published by Tony Pratschke on Jun 29, 2015
[English version below. Summaries in other European languages available on from Friday 3 July, onwards... more
Petition published by Lemuria Rainbow on Jun 15, 2015
As the result of my drama I am putting my conclusions, suggestions and postulates below to ask for some discussion in government to change something in the law and in the system in Netherlands and also maybe in other western European countries.... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Jun 03, 2015
We, followers of football world wide, call on FIFA to re-select new members of the organization, and appoint a new, capable and fair chairman, with an entire new committee members, and new vice-presidents.... more
Petition published by Eurovision fans on May 25, 2015
We want a free contest where the public decides the winning song and not just a few juries.

Stop the unfair jury voting in... more
Petition published by christos kallitsis on May 05, 2015
Εμείς οι κάτωθι υπογεγραμμένοι αιτούμαστε από τον Επίτροπο Υγείας και Ασφαλείας Τροφίμων της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης κύριο Vytenis Andriukaitis... more
Petition published by Manole Cristina on Mar 16, 2015
Support civil rights in Madagascar, Africa, and the Amazon.

Stop childhood marriages in the third world, and pagan rituals, and human or animals... more
Petition published by Carolyn Scherwitz on Feb 26, 2015
As you probably know, Buck-Tick is a band that gives concerts only in Japan. There are many fans around the world who simply cannot afford to travel to Japan and wish for a World or Europe tour.... more
Petition published by kenfox on Feb 24, 2015
We, the undersigned, call on Kia Motors to sell the fantastic 2015 Kia Sedona in Europe, also / Wir, die Unterzeichner, rufen Kia Motors an, den großartigen 2015er Sedona auch in Europa auf den Markt zu... more