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Petition published by Guillermo on Jan 21, 2011
The Sahuarita High School Robotics team is opposing the transfer from Sahuarita High School to Walden Grove High School. The move from school to school will discontinue the current and upcoming robotics varsity team. While the team has been told robotics will still... more
Petition published by Teresa on Jan 21, 2011
We the undersigned call for a stop to... more
Petition published by Daniel Gutteridge on Jan 19, 2011
We, the people of Murray Bridge and the surrounding region, call on the State Government of South Australia.

To revise and improve the provisions of public transport in our area,... more
Petition published by Michael Byers on Jan 19, 2011
"We the students and parents" of Lewistown High School and Indian Valley High School. DO NOT want the 2 schools to merge into 1 school.... more
Petition published by Gagandip Singh on Jan 19, 2011
Sikh TV has been broadcasting in the UK for over 3 months now.

Following high demand Sikh TV has decided to declare this petition to see if there is enough demand from viewers to see the channel launch... more
Petition published by siyamack on Jan 19, 2011
Free Atefeh... more
Petition published by Educate Together on Jan 19, 2011
We call on the Minister for Education and Skills to ensure that all students in the Colleges of Education are equally respected and prepared to teach in all school... more
Petition published by Daniel D Smock on Jan 19, 2011
Petition for Pennsylvania Alimony Reform

The following act - is not Child Support, and will not affect anyone who is currently receiving (being paid) child support. This act only... more
Petition published by Toni Mullen on Jan 18, 2011
We, the undersigned, call on the government to stop the scrapping of the EMA and other education... more
Petition published by kirsty on Jan 17, 2011
We, the undersigned, petition government to give our request just and fair consideration. It is proposed the government re-introduce a more policable effective dog license, to be issued for a fee and only upon attending an endorsed training course highlighting the... more