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Petition published by david dalechek on May 27, 2015
We, the undersigned, call on Hannah and Dave to legally name their future child David (Davidia for... more
Petition published by Jean Pierre Niyibaruta on May 26, 2015
We, the undersigned, call for the eradication of domestic violence.... more
Petition published by Nimai (Devala) Griffith on May 22, 2015
By signing this petition, interested persons around the world (Particularly in USA) are requesting a Mridanga Seminar be taught in their community so that the Kirtan culture in that community can improve. The number of petitions signed reflects the possibility of... more
Petition published by Aleia Bailey on May 18, 2015
We, the undersigned, request that the WHEA GB hear our voices to help the 2015 graduating class have a ceremony of their... more
Petition published by James Willis on May 13, 2015
We, the undersigned, call on the Modesto CA City Council to approve an URBAN FARM City Ordinance to allow city residents to grow and sell food directly from their properties and at local farmers markets and offer tax incentives to landowners who allow their properties,... more
Petition published by Awaken the Light on May 13, 2015
We, the undersigned, Call upon the United Nations to create public sector organizations in every country to regulate all geoengineering and related activities which involve spraying substances into our air (including but not limited to weather modification activities)... more
Petition published by John S. Burke on May 12, 2015
WHEREAS: Mostafa Azizi has been arrested and is now facing trial for purely political charges based on his peaceful artistic work in the cultural sphere;... more
Petition published by Hawh's Bitch on May 11, 2015
Yes to legal change of name from Sandy Bay to Hawk's... more
Petition published by Bulgaria on May 06, 2015
Dear Sir,

We, the undersigned, are shocked, dismayed and appalled by how Maria Litova has been harassed and wrongly victimized by the unscrupulous... more
Petition published by joseph D'Angelo on May 05, 2015
We call on the Ontario and Canadian court systems member's/employee's to immediately refuse to take part any longer in commiting human rights violations in the name of women against men.... more