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Petition published by Sandy on Mar 28, 2015
We, the undersigned, call on Japan Post to retract the decision to discontinue the printing of certain gotochi design of some prefecture.... more
Petition published by Lori Little on Mar 23, 2015
Please sign this petition against East Point Power Company for the high cost of the electric bill every... more
Petition published by Lily Hollway on Mar 23, 2015
We, the people, the twizzler lovers, ask Bernard Matthews to please bring back the turkey... more
Petition published by stefanos moraglis on Mar 08, 2015
We the undersigned demand the prohibition of the manufacrure of the portable gas stoves commonly known as "theofilos", "el greco" and all similar products as they are... more
Petition published by sybil on Mar 08, 2015
I want people to sign this petition to let Hydro Qebec and the government know that we want a Stop to Hydro Quebec's outrageous prices.... more
Petition published by Christina baboulas on Mar 07, 2015
Our main target is to show our city that this is a major issue and we need this concern to be surfaced to the public authorities to change our living situations before it... more
Petition published by Troye Game on Mar 05, 2015
How will the local people of Lincoln benefit? What will happen to local traders? Will an established market place become extinct? How far will you have to travel to the next market?... more
Petition published by brigitte ragan on Feb 17, 2015
This indicates that TVEC is violating their member’s rights that are posted on their website.

We are requesting that the Board of Directors for TVEC and the Board... more
Petition published by Romeo Jack Barbosa on Feb 15, 2015
We the undersigned call on the Premier Kathleen Wynne to Reduce the Hydro delivery charges to low density areas and keep in line with regular residential neighbourhoods, when there is no extra infrastructure installed to provide Hydro services to these... more
Petition published by Daxx Kahn on Feb 13, 2015
We the consumer are tired of being taken advantage of by un-qualified employees and DEMAND quality service.

We will no longer be taken advantage of and be fooled into thinking... more