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Petition published by Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada / Coalition pour le droit à l’avortement au Canada on Sep 03, 2012
An Open Letter to Mayor of Kelowna in Opposition to “Protect Human Life Week”

Dear Mayor Walter Gray,... more
Petition published by Stuart Maginnis on Sep 03, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on the British Government, BBC, Channel 4 and all affiliates, to abolish the mandatory payment of the UK TV License by law.... more
Petition published by dana royal on Sep 03, 2012
If u wanna stop the mental, pysical abuse and the excusable deaths around the world then contact the administration listed above and stand up 4 your rights and demand the government officials put a end to this deliberate abuse of authority and welcome a... more
We the people of the the state of Ga. and United States
of America petition that the laws for Disability equipment thefts such as Wheel chair accessible vans, motorized wheel chairs and etc. be beefed up to include a first degree felony that carries a 20 year... more
Petition published by spsltalumniconcerngrp on Sep 03, 2012

欣悉天主教教區拒絕推行獨立成科的德育及國民教育科。[1]然而,我們仍未明確知道校方立場,於是聯署表達關注學校推行德育及國民教育科的情況,促請學校不僅拒絕偏頗國民教育科,亦慎防任何官方偏頗教材及有欠客觀的國情交流團。... more
Petition published by carriechingsy on Sep 02, 2012

不是因為有問題才走出來,而是要為整個社會衝出新未來;... more
Petition published by Juan Antonio Labiada on Sep 02, 2012
Pedimos una investigación federal de la Administración de... more
Petition published by Bradford Ask For Consent on Aug 31, 2012
We the undersigned believe that George Galloway's statements about rape perpetuate common dangerous misunderstandings of the law defining rape.... more
Petition published by Joe Black on Aug 30, 2012
We, the undersigned, want concealed carry of firearms in Illinois to be easily obtainable to law-abiding citizens of Illinois.

We do not want to jump through hoops for our god given right to... more
Petition published by Wilson Wahome Kiriungi on Aug 25, 2012
Whether or not you agree with the content of Miguna's book, sign this petition to show support for his RIGHT to express himself... more