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Petition published by Peter Stefanidis on Apr 23, 2009
‘’ Friends of a Free Cyprus ‘’

24 APRIL 2004: “NO” TO THE ANAN PLAN... more
Petition published by Cezar Maroti on Apr 23, 2009
Dear Ms./Mr.

As global citizens of the EU, Moldova, and other nationalities adhering to this petition, we trust the EU considering its... more
Petition published by Luigi Assom on Apr 23, 2009
As global citizens of the EU, Moldova, and other nationalities adhering to this petition, we trust the EU considering its opportunity to prevent:
• Rising expatriation and consequent immigration towards EU and... more
Petition published by Carrie on Apr 22, 2009
We, the undersigned, call upon the Hawaii State Senate to pass House Bill 444 HD1, civil unions bill, this 2009 Legislative session. We also ask that Senate Judiciary Committee chair Brian Taniguchi allow the full senate to vote on the Civil Unions bill this session by... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Apr 18, 2009
We, the undersigned, hereby request that you propose and support an amendment to the Lanham Act, preventing it from being used in such a manner as to violate the First Amendment rights of U.S. Citizens.... more
Petition published by David Vesely on Apr 17, 2009
We the undersigned, are in agreement with the five points listed below and believe for the purpose of national unity a declaration of our nation’s motto in the singing of the 4th verse of The Star... more
Petition published by Carmalee on Apr 15, 2009
I, Carmalee, want all users of Polyvore to sign: I WANT POLYVORE BACK TO NORMAL. LOVE (your name). Also we need to spread the word! Polyvore wrote "You are the best loving community in the world...we love you all." on their latest blog entry, and then some person... more
Petition published by Seana Sperling on Apr 12, 2009
Workplace Mobbing is a ganging up by coworkers against one employee in an attempt to drive the person out.

Mobbing symptom number one is slander about the victim. The... more
Petition published by on Apr 12, 2009
- que, nas Eleições Legislativas, os Deputados possam ser eleitos como independentes ou em listas não partidárias;

- que todos os Deputados, ainda que integrados em listas... more
Petition published by Christina A Carr on Apr 07, 2009
I need your help! I am asking for all who have the will to make it right to sign this in order to give felon probationaries at least the right to be considered for release after a year as the law states. Ca law is 2 years. US Law is 1 year and Ca does not... more