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Petition published by presley stewart on Mar 05, 2009
We, the undersigned, request that all civil rights be given to those whose sexuality is homosexuality and... more
Petition published by said ali on Mar 04, 2009
We call on all freedom loving Americans to help protect one of the most important freedoms we enjoy as... more
Petition published by Lauren Olson on Mar 04, 2009
A resolution to this situation already exists: shut down Peabody Coal Company‚Äôs mining operations and respect original American traditions and the sacredness of Creation.... more
Petition published by kou yang on Mar 02, 2009
Don't you think that our hmong people should be free. They should be treated like all human. Instead they get treated like dogs. Don't you ever saw a old person walking outside all alone. If You ever do please go up to them and ask them if you could take them to where... more
Petition published by Richard Noble on Mar 02, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on Congress to amend the US Constitution to include equal rights to all GLBT peoples in private and government arena's. We, the undersigned, are requesting the ban on GLBT in the armed services be reversed.... more
Petition published by Mitch on Mar 01, 2009
We, the undersigned, call upon Building management to replace the urinal in the bathroom on level 14, 115 Pitt Street to improve the welfare of a group of frustrated office... more
Petition published by Naeem Malik on Feb 28, 2009
1. We note that Veolia has accepted contracts in Jerusalem in contravention of International law and United Nations resolutions.... more
Petition published by ahmed on Feb 25, 2009
The dekalb county sheriff office is treating imates in their jail like animals even if you are their for something small they treat you like you kill someone the dont feed you well they give nasty foods dont respond to anything unless if someone is dead that the only... more
Petition published by SJSU SSDP on Feb 24, 2009
Now is the perfect time to legalize, tax & regulate marijuana.

While the nation is suffering from a financial crisis, the marijuana business is booming. With more than 2.5 million Californians using... more
Petition published by Master Iliya supporters on Feb 24, 2009
One Million Promises for Freedom of Thoughts and Speech Today, Iran is the slaughterhouse of freedom. Today every corner of Iran is a place to kill freedom-seeking thoughts. There is not a day passing without hearing the news of journalists` suppressions, arrest and... more