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Results 1411-1420 of about 1967 for Civil rights
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Petition published by gabrielle on Jan 01, 2009
Please let's stop homophobia! Do what you can... more
Petition published by Sian Moore on Dec 31, 2008
In light of the above, we declare openly that:

1) We are moved by the courage and humanity of those who have repeatedly filled the streets and are now occupying schools and... more
Petition published by David Wilson on Dec 29, 2008
Until there is parity being displayed against all Scottish football clubs and supporters, where all clubs and supporters are being treated equally and it is not a case of solely attacking Rangers, their supporters, and anyone of a pro British stance, we (the... more
Petition published by Hikmat212 on Dec 28, 2008
We, the undersigned, wish to elucidate and affirm the points made by the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights:

1) Reiterates its call for the international community,... more
Petition published by Joseph Cao on Dec 26, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on the UN to appeal to the regime of communist Vietnam to respect human... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Dec 19, 2008
Mountazer Al Zaidi is the journalist who threw a pair of shoes on George W. Bush, a week ago in Bagdad.

Since then, he has been unjustly arrested, mistreated, badly injured... more
Petition published by METRIC CLAY on Dec 18, 2008
I and the undersigned call on the UN to eliminate the sale of land mines devices that has become IED Devices in Iraq. The 1979 Disarmament in Geneva was to try to ban the illegal uses and the materials that is being used to make IED Devices that copy cats are... more
Petition published by Bode on Dec 16, 2008

中华人民共和国北京市中南海国家主席办公室... more
Petition published by pravin on Dec 06, 2008
Review media coverage of terrorist attacks in... more
Petition published by The Association for the Advancement of Feminism on Dec 03, 2008
本會與平等機會婦女聯席剛於11月25日國際消除對婦女暴力行動日發出呼籲,希望香港社會正視婦女仍面對的暴力問題,並提醒政府必須履行在國際社會為消除婦女暴力許下的承諾。言猶在耳,今天(11月27日)獲悉警局內發生了女性報案人被警務人員強姦的嚴重性罪行,本會表示震驚及憤怒﹗本會強烈譴責執法人員的性暴力罪行,並要求政府成立獨立委員會徹查,向受害人及市民清楚交待。... more