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Petition published by Shane Wilkins on Jun 02, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the state of Pennsylvania to eliminate any preventions of gay marriage. In a matter of civil rights, this is an abomination to our great... more
Petition published by Kevin Poeling on Jun 01, 2009
Let it be known that the Undersigned U.S. Group of Citizens are hereby Petitioning the Los Angeles Times To Release The 2003 Rashid Khalidi Banquet tape that was given to them by an annonymous source.... more
Petition published by Kelly Pyle on May 28, 2009
We the citizens of Edgewater request the City Council to delete the proposed addition to section 5-8 of Edgewater City Code.

Remove the ban on venomous and non-indigenous... more
Petition published by Evgeny on May 27, 2009
Stop Communism in Russia. We want... more
Petition published by Bernadette Ellorin on May 24, 2009
We, the undersigned, seek to register our grave concern and call for immediate action over the recent abduction of a Filipina-American woman from Los Angeles named Melissa Roxas, 32, in the Philippines.... more
Petition published by Steph Baross on May 22, 2009
We, the undersigned, would like Noel Fielding to lay off the drink and the drugs a bit and have a good night's sleep to try and regain his... more
Petition published by SoR on May 22, 2009
We, the undersigned, ask the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada that anyone charged (or facing infraction) under ANY offence of the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario receives a proper due process; a legal process which has a right of appeal. (This includes... more
Petition published by Carolyn Dodge on May 21, 2009
We the People of Maine feel that there is more than enough of an adequate level of findings in consideration of the value of one's health, quality of living, devaluation of real estate, and level of monetary investment required to install turbines of this scale, to... more
Petition published by Yoga on May 17, 2009
Dear Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown,

Re: Urgent Humble Request to Exercise Responsibility to Protect (R2P) Resolution Passed in 2005 to Stop Human Catastrophe in Sri Lanka.... more
Petition published by Faith Nelson on May 16, 2009
We the undersigned, acknowledge Marcus Garvey’s irrefutable contribution to the enfranchisement of Blacks in the United States and around the world.... more