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Petition published by Leticia Garcia on Aug 29, 2014
We, the residents of San Bernardino, California, demand that the City of San Bernardino preserve the integrity and current state of Wildwood Park.... more
Petition published by John Hobby on Aug 28, 2014
Stop Kellyville... more
Petition published by Gareth Whitehead on Aug 26, 2014
We the undersigned formally request the Coventry City planning committee to reject the current proposal for the Covrad factory ref RMM/2014/1796 and reject the proposal for 24/7 warehousing ref RMM/2014/2068 & FM/2014 and... more
Petition published by Save Humbledon Hill on Aug 24, 2014
This petition is in protest against executive residential development for 13no. bespoke eco homes, at land East of Durham Road and Tudor Grove (Humbledon Hill) Durham Road... more
Petition published by gannear on Aug 23, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on Waverley Council to reject any plans to replace Queen Elizabeth Drive (QED) with an underground car... more
Petition published by For a Better and Safer Winnsboro on Aug 22, 2014
This Resolution must address the following concerns and provide a plan of protection for Winnsboro Citizens:

A. Increased public health risk:... more
Petition published by Kelly Johnson on Aug 21, 2014
We, the citizens of Boone County and surrounding residences, petition the City of Columbia to return the Wabash Station and previous bus routes located on North 10th Street, which has been taken away.... more
Petition published by Kelly Goza on Aug 17, 2014
We the undersigned petition the City Of Emporia & The Emporia Recreation Center to re-open the wading pool at Peter Pan Park and provide shade trees for safety from the... more
Petition published by Kay Buetow on Aug 16, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on the Mayor, City Council and Administrator to continue the services of Newport Police to serve our... more
Petition published by The Chiofaro Company on Aug 15, 2014
We, the undersigned, support the Harbor Garage Project and The Chiofaro Company's efforts to convert its vision to... more