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Petition published by Anonymous on Jun 04, 2007
Local students in Hong Kong should have the priority to take the SAT exam. So, we strongly request the Collegeboard to give priority to local students to register for the SAT exam before non-residents can register!... more
Petition published by Wojciech on Jun 02, 2007
We, the undersigned, call on the President of the People's Republic Of China, to oppose the death sentence given to Zheng... more
Petition published by Nancy Wang on Jun 01, 2007
Say NO to United Nations' abolishment of traditional chinese in 2008... more
Petition published by HUANG YONG FENG on Jun 01, 2007
ni yao zan zu o... more
Petition published by Lawrence Chang on May 19, 2007
We, the undersigned, call on all those who have never experienced the beauty and culture of China to investigate from a first-person perspective what it truly is that they are... more
Petition published by dr mahesh yadav on May 16, 2007
To The Honorable Baan Ki Moon

Secretary United Nations... more
Petition published by Canada ALPHA on May 15, 2007
As MPs, you must help us tell the Government of Japan, a friend and ally of Canada, to acknowledge and accept the responsibility for its past actions as it attempts to maintain a good relationship with its neighbors in the Pacific and with Canada.... more
Petition published by mynor king on May 09, 2007
Stop the abortion of traditional Chinese by the brutal... more
Petition published by Prof. Redding on May 04, 2007
Sign this petition and take it upon yourself to learn, to discuss, and to advocate for what is right. Also build awareness about Chen’s unmerited imprisonment by purchasing a FREE CHEN t-shirt and items: more
Petition published by Kym Silvasy-Neale on May 04, 2007
We, the undersigned, call on McDonalds, Johnson & Johnson, GE, Coca Cola and Steven Spielberg to cease supporting the human rights violator China by sponsoring or participating in the 2008 Olympics until China stops supplying arms to the Sudanese government & begins... more