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Petition published by david dalechek on May 27, 2015
We, the undersigned, call on Hannah and Dave to legally name their future child David (Davidia for... more
Petition published by Citizens for Safe ID on May 25, 2015
We, the undersigned, insist, that by the end of 2016, a federal law is enacted to create a secure index of child social security numbers that would be referenced prior to the opening of a new credit... more
Petition published by Anthony Pacifico on May 24, 2015
ALBANY, NY 12206... more
Petition published by Parental Alienation on May 18, 2015
We need to stop the abuse here and now. We need your signatures.

Each and every signature we get will add some weight to this... more
Petition published by Margo hill on May 07, 2015
I call on all of you to sign this petition to get Wendy and her son back together as a family.

Please and thank you... more
Petition published by Aisling Surguy on May 06, 2015
We believe that when a baby is born, you should send their birth certificate off and receive a permit that expires when the child is 5 years old, to be able to park in a baby parking space, just like a disabled badge.... more
Petition published by Susanne on May 06, 2015
We call upon department stores to cease their role in encouraging pedophiles and ask them to stop selling 2 piece bikini style swimwear for children.... more
Petition published by johnny on May 05, 2015
We, the people, call upon the White House to abolish the Bill of rights for the safety of our children and our... more
Petition published by Sarah Wallace on May 03, 2015
We, the undersigned, support the idea of breakfast and lunch programmes in decile 1-4 primary school throughout New... more
Petition published by Carlie on Apr 25, 2015
All across The US, public schools are serving school lunches the are thrown away because they make you take what you don't want, even if it seems inedible. Some foods you can't even tell what they are. A piece of bread looked like a "sweet potato".... more