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Petition published by kristin on Sep 02, 2015
We are petitioning to change the evening hours from Monday to Thursday to 4pm to 8pm. Fridays from 4pm to... more
Petition published by Shaun Flannery on Aug 21, 2015
We, the undersigned, call on the Australian Government and all states and territory governments of Australia to change the laws regarding child grooming.... more
Petition published by natalie-jo hudson on Aug 20, 2015
I strongly recommend you to sign this petition if you are against illegal forced adoption, and want the world to know our heart wrenching stories of what these bureaucrats have done to our families.... more
Petition published by KateLynn Houghton on Aug 18, 2015
We the students/community of pine forest high school want to stop the wear of mesh vests. It is a health violation by having every student who may need to use the restroom wear these vests. These vests could carry lice, the flu virus, and many other germs and bacteria that... more
Petition published by Charley on Aug 07, 2015
We want to wear what we want to... more
Petition published by SIMEON NYACHAE on Aug 07, 2015
We, the undersigned, call on the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Independent Police Oversight Authority and the Inspector General of Police to conduct thorough and credible investigations on this matter and ensure justice is done to the young girls whose rights... more
Petition published by Sandra Rodriguez on Aug 06, 2015
Being that it is both parents responsibility to support the children involved, why is it that the law allows one or the other to not fulfill the responsibility at 100% that is required and agreed upon.... more
Petition published by Chrissy Jones on Jul 28, 2015
There is another Purge page happening right now in the very same city Kacie lived in. No matter how many times it has been reported, Facebook will not remove it.... more
Petition published by vanessa on Jul 21, 2015
A child born exposed to drugs is presumed to be abused or neglected or that positive results from a toxicology test performed on a new born or signs of prenatal drug exposure in new-borns constitute evidence of child abuse or neglect.... more
Petition published by Cindy Gonzalez on Jul 20, 2015
Obviously the current Legislation Regarding Unattended Children in Vehicles Law is not working in Texas.

We as a whole are WANTING a stiffer penalty raising a Class C... more