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Petition published by Travis on Oct 07, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on the Corp of Engineers to designate an area of land in Hickory County, Mo. to be used by OHV riders for the purpose of recreational... more
Petition published by Alin Campan on Oct 07, 2008
Please sign the petition and help me bring this amazing drink back again to the UK. Thank... more
Petition published by Devin Baker on Oct 05, 2008
We the people, citizens of all countries of the world, wish to request that our political and business leaders especially in the plastics manufacturing and retail grocery industries make a concerted effort produce and sell bio-degradable plastic garbage bags that are not... more
Petition published by Daniel Dufresne on Oct 05, 2008
Petition to eradicate homelessness in Canada

We, the undersigned residents of Canada, demand that the Government of Canada do whatever is necessary to eradicate homelessness in... more
Petition published by Tram Depot Workshops on Oct 03, 2008
Objection to Planning Application 2008/1511.

Dear Adam Flynn... more
Petition published by Teresa Morris on Oct 03, 2008
These among other promises have been broken. It seems the only promises they, (High Tech), take seriously is the one about you paying for these courses. The instructors are wonderful and not at fault with any of this. This is just their jobs. It starts with the... more
Petition published by cecilia barreto on Oct 02, 2008
Media Owners;

Media Stations think they are not going to make money if they support good causes.... more
Petition published by Bill Whisky on Sep 29, 2008
Help Support the Removal of Rip Off Report and from Google and other Search... more
Petition published by Nari Ponder on Sep 28, 2008
Personally, my problem isn’t the fact that Robert Swartz is roughly trying to adjust to working with Turner programming and Time Warner, but considering where the network was before the tragic death of Jennifer Davidson, Cartoon Network and its fans are better off... more
Petition published by David Martin on Sep 28, 2008
I will WITHDRAW my money and business from financial companies who choose to benefit from the Great Bailout.

These financial companies are listed at .... more