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GoPetition was a great experience. I will use your service again in the near future.

Thanks also to everyone for signing. The petition brought awareness to the issue of human/sex trafficking and with 2143 views and 190 signatures, ICAST feels it was a successful effort, which could not have been done with your support. Please stay connected to ICAST via our blog at nomoresextrafficking.blogspot.com

God Bless

GoPetition is fabulous. It is so easy to navigate and definitely got the word out for us. I recommend GoPetition to everyone and would absolutely use GoPetition again!

Also, many thanks to everyone who joined in to preserve the Altona Dog Beach. The campaign has been a fabulous success. Happy dog walking. Cheers.

GoPetition was very useful and user-friendly. It was easy to set up our petition and follow its progress.

BirdLife Cyprus would like to thank all those that have signed and supported our electronic petition against illegal bird trapping in Cyprus. We value your support which empowers our fight against this ecological disaster.

GoPetition is a brilliant site and very easy to use. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to set up a petition.

Thanks also to everyone who signed this petition. I am sure you are all aware that we were victorious in our campaign and the new parking regulations have been rescinded by Westminster City Council. Success.

GoPetition is an excellent service.

Thanks also to everyone who supported and signed this petition which has helped to bring about a decision by Aardman Animation to withdraw the discriminatory scenes from the film. Result!

This site helped me to communicate my message regionally, provincially, nationally and internationally.

Once again, I would like to thank all of you who have shown support for Collingwood’s Heritage District. The notice of motion to remove properties from the Heritage District was withdrawn in November 2011. I have been asked, as a show of good faith, to close this petition. While the future of the two properties is still being deliberated, I want to believe in the process that council has initiated. A process that I hope will continue to preserve Collingwood’s Heritage District.

This site is great. Thank you. And thank you to each & every person who signed and supported this campaign.

The petition was able to achieve spreading the news of Ashwaq. Ashwaq has been released today from jail, January 4, 2012 but remains in hospital for treatment.

This site made it possible for one of the worst-investigated cases in history to be officially reopened. Thank You!

Thanks also to supporters. Your signatures and support made an impact, and I am very happy to note that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department HAS reopened the case, in response to this petition, which was formally submitted to the LACSD in September.

Thank you GoPetition for allowing us the space. Our campaign has been successful.

On Nov 3, 2011, a week after we handed over this petition, the Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation of Nepal announced it will not allow hunting in Kanchenjunga Conservation area. Success! Thanks to all who signed.

An excellent site. As a first-time user, I found GoPetition both efficient and very effective.

Also, a huge thank you to everyone who helped the campaign to preserve Le Corbusier's architecture at Chandigarh by signing the petition. Manmohan Nath Sharma, who is leading the campaign, says he is "truly grateful" to you all for participating in an "amazingly impressive" petition that has "drawn worldwide attention" to Save Le Corbusier's Chandigarh.

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