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I'm rating GoPetition 10/10. The site definitely helped to get the word out for me and I would use the site again. The title ended up getting released so the campaign was successful. Thanks also to those who signed the petition and to Sublime for also picking it up. Now hopefully Crimson Spell will get the love and attention it truly deserves! www.sublimemanga.com/reader/650

We were extremely pleased with GoPetition. The process was easy for our participants and everyone could review and read the comments. We were able to present the petition to our city council. Thanks to everyone who signed and supported the petition and campaign to re-locate the Issaquah skate park. On June 25, Mayor Ava Frisinger prepared an ordinance for review that would fund a public outreach process and site location for a new skate park.

This was my first go at raising an e-petition at GoPetition and I was pleased and surprised at the general ease that it took. Together with a paper based version we have succeeded in achieving almost 4,000 signatures, many with very useful and revealing comments supporting the campaign for an off-road cycle route to connect Petersfield to Queen Elizabeth Country Park. The strong support shown by the petition has applied pressure to both local and national government.

Thank you GoPetition Team. Without your website and assistance this petition and successful outcome would not have been possible. Thank you to everyone who signed and supported this petition. Fife Council have today sent letters to all the families associated with Eden Park informing them that the facility is remaining OPEN. Your support throughout this long and arduous process was greatly appreciated.

Our petition was a success! SABC TV South Africa has finally accepted the films and we are only waiting for them to be physically aired on TV. It was a very long process and we would like to thank those who cared enough about the image of Africa to let their support be heard. We hope that this opens the door for more authentic positive documentaries to be seen in our Motherland.

Thank you GoPetition for enabling people around the world to petition freely! I'm rating you 9/10. And a big thank you Valve/Steam. We did it guys! Servers are headed for South Africa. Thank you everyone who signed/shared this petition!

I love the GoPetition website and will always use it. As the publisher of the petition, and on behalf of the Musicians of SNS, I'd like to extend our sincere thanks to each and every one of you for your signatures lobbying HRM to give more funding to Symphony Nova Scotia on an annual basis.

This petition is the best thing I could have done to accomplish my mission. Thank you so much GoPetition. Your site is the best! I also want to thank each and every person who signed. This Town animal shelter now has a volunteer program, a foster program, outdoor runs, a full time vet on site and a wonderful full time trainer.

GoPetition is an excellent site and very helpful. Thank you to all who signed and commented here at GoPetition to stop the extradition of Richard O'Dwyer. Over 25,000 of you signed. There will be no extradition and the matter has thankfully been resolved after a long fight. Success.

GoPetition is a very helpful and easy-to-use tool. Thanks to everyone who supported BCTC. We are please that our application for Canadian Heritage CAPF funding for 2013-14 and 2014-15 has been approved. Thanks also to Minister James Moore and the Canadian Heritage Staff.

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