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1. Make a New Legend of Zelda Cartoon!

In 1983, these Legend of Zelda shows aired.

The Ringer
Cold Spells
The White Knight
Kiss 'N Tell
Sing For The Unicorn
That Sinking Feeling
Underworld Connections
Stinging A Stinger
A Hitch In The Works
Fairies In The Spring
The Missing Link
The Moblins Are Revolting

But due to bad ratings, and only 13 episodes aired, Legend of Zelda was cancelled. That was over 20 years ago! I think its about time to try again, so come on Cartoon Network, make room for a NEW Legend of Zelda cartoon!

2. Bring Back The Zelda Cartoon!!!


In 1991 the was a tv show based on a video game called " The Legend of Zelda" I Am tring to convensc Nintendo that it was such a good idea. Bring Back The Zelda Cartoon!!!