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1. Subway System in LV

For a subway system in las vegas.

If you think that Las Vegas needs a subway system, please sign.

2. Do you think Oxford, Alabama Should Have a Chuck E Cheese?

August 1, 2006

Think about it. How many people who live in Calhoun County, Alabama and surrounding counties have kids? How many times does the Chuck E Cheese Commerical come on tv? How many times does your child ask you, I wanta go to chucke e cheese please take me? Do you really want to drive to Bham or Ga to go to Chuck E Cheese?

I believe that if Oxford had a Chuck E Cheese they would triple their profits in one week to pay for the building. Because you will have people coming from Calhoun County, Talladega County, Etowah County, Cleburne County, Clay County and St. Clair County. Possible other counties coming.


3. for Turkey

Do you think you've paid enough shipping rates? Do you think you've waited for weeks to get your order? Do you think you deserve a better and special treatment? So sign this petition, and bring to Turkey!

4. GiVe RiCkI-LeE a ReCoRd DeAl

To give Ricki-Lee Coulter a record deal.

Please sign this petition if you think that Ricki-Lee should get a record deal.

5. Kid Clubs everywhere!

Don't you think kids should have a hang-out spot right around the corner everywhere? Sign this petition and we just might!!

6. Give Rebekah LeVauney a record deal!!!

Sign this petition if you think Rebekah should get a record deal!!

7. Say "No" to Raising the Driving Age in Arizona

I do not agree to raise the driving age in Arizona. I doesn't matter how old you are to drive, it matters how mature you are. Parents should be able to decide when there son/daughter is mature enough to drive, not the law! Car accidents happen every day, but it is not only teenagers who are causing them! If you think that it should matter about how mature you are, not how old you are, to drive, please sign this petition to help not raise the age for driving!

8. Gabriel Byrne And The Walk Of Fame

This Petition is to be signed by fans of Gabriel Byrne if you think that he should be awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

9. Dream Street is a Great Band!

Please sign this petition if you think Dream Street is a Great Band!!

10. bring back invader zim!

zim is the best show you got. you think that if you take it off, the ratings will go up...right? are you really that dumb? everyone loves zim. it is the only dark cartoon on your network. even the coths like it! you guys are crazy if you think the ratings will go up! im, im not sorry for screaming at you! if you take invader zim off the air your ratings will drop like an two ton anvil! many viewers will stop watching Nickelodeon. if you dont believe me then dont put it back on the air and then see what happens! and if you dont put it back will have a VERY nasty letter sent to you from me!

11. brandon is hot tyte and nice all together

brandons the pimp, girls know he's the pimp, they love him and you know you want to click yes. hit yes if your cool with me no if your no yes=you think im all together tyte no= no


I would like to have a domain name so if you think I should please sign my petition!