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1. Liskeard - How many more must die on our roads? Review A38 - B3252

How many people have to die on these 2 junctions at Liskeard before they close the central reservation gaps? The A38 - B3252 (Looe turning) and the A38 - Menheniot turning. They COULD at the B3252 make ALL traffic coming out of the B3252 turn left and go up to Liskeard round-about and turn round.

This would stop traffic being forced to stop in the middle of the A38 because of traffic on the A38 wanting to turn right onto the B3252. As we all know, a local young man lost his life on the A38 - B3252 junction only last week. Let this be the last.

This site is in memory of Richard James Neale and all the other casualties of these junctions. Always in our minds. Never to be forgotten.