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121. Opposition to rate increase by Skyline Water Company

I am writing concerning the rate increase proposed by Dave Travers (i.e. Skyline Water Company). We as a community do not feel this increase is warrented. 16 years ago the water bill was $16.00 monthly, now with the addition of meters we all pay a minimum of $30.00 and some of us pay as much as $80.00 a month. For my bill this equates to almost a 400% increase over 16 years.

For years we have been told that the rate increases were going to be used for improvements to the existing well and or well house, to date none of us have seen any of these improvements. Mr. Travers has been called repeatedly by myself and my neighbors because of water that sometimes has dirt in it and has an oily film. Mr. Travers solution is always to flush the line outside the residence. This flushing of the lines only clears the water up for a brief period, eventually the dirt and oil return.

122. Bye Bye Louis Klein

Louis Klein has been attending Saturday Night Live for the full 30 years of its existance. In order for him to be able to go to the show every week, he would have to do standby, which means, he'd have to stay at NBC either on the Mezzanine, or on the Street, all night Friday night until Saturday morning. Almost 15 years after continuously doing "standby," he was awarded tickets for life by the show's creator and producer, Lorne Michaels.

Louis continues to do standby every week even though he does not have to. He does it to "monitor" the standby line. Unbeknownst to Mr. Michaels, Louis does much more whilst on the standby line. He constantly harasses the people whom he considers "regulars." Not only does he harass them on the standby line, but he harasses them at home via Instant Message or email.

Also, because of his "seniority," NBC takes advice from him regarding what happens on the Standby Line throughout the night. Louis reports to the head of guest relations every Saturday the happenings of the preceeding evening. Not only that, but he reports them falsly. He claims that people "break the rules," when if fact he himself is guilty of "breaking" them. Also, he stares at the members of the line whom he is "mad at" for minutes at a time.

Guest Relations refuses to believe anyone else except Louis Klein.

In this petition, we propose not that Louis' ability to attend Saturday Night Live is revoked, but that his ability to "do standby" is revoked. By him being there every Friday, he terrifies innocent people, and risks them getting in touble for no reason. Louis Klein should be banned from the standby line.

123. STOP H.R. 1528 !


Among other things, it:

- Makes the federal sentencing guidelines a system of mandatory minimum sentences through a "Booker-fix" provision.
- Creates new mandatory minimums that further erode judicial discretion.
- Eliminates the safety valve for low-level drug offenders.
- Makes virtually every drug crime committed in urban areas subject to "drug free zone" penalties that carries a five-year mandatory minimum sentence.
- Punishes defendants for the "relevant conduct" of co-conspirators that occurred BEFORE the defendant joined the conspiracy.

As written, H.R. 1528 would:

- Effectively make the federal sentencing guidelines a system of mandatory minimum sentences through a "Booker-fix" provision. This provision forbids judges from departing below the guideline sentence in all but a few cases.

- Make the sale of any quantity of any controlled substance (including anything greater than five grams of marijuana) by a person older than 21 to a person younger than 18 subject to a ten-year federal mandatory minimum sentence.

-Create a new three-year mandatory minimum for parents who witness or learn about drug trafficking activities, targeting or even near their children, if they do not report it to law enforcement authorities within 24 hours and do not provide full assistance investigating, apprehending, and prosecuting the offender.

-Create a new 10-year mandatory minimum sentence for any parent committing a drug trafficking crime in or near the presence of their minor child.

- Mandate life in prison for persons 21 years or older convicted a second time of distributing drugs to a person under 18 or convicted a first time after a felony drug conviction has become final.

- Increase to five years the federal mandatory minimum sentence for the sale of a controlled substance within 1,000 feet of a school, college, public library, drug treatment facility (or any place where drug treatment, including classes, are held), or private or public daycare facilities - in short, almost anywhere in cities across the U.S.

- Eliminate the federal "safety valve," granting it only when the government certifies that the defendant pled guilty to the most serious readily provable offense (the one that carries the longest sentence), and has "done everything possible to assist substantially in the investigation and prosecution of another person," and would prohibit the federal "safety-valve" in cases where drugs were distributed or possessed near a person under 18, where the defendant delayed his or her efforts to provide substantial assistance to the government, or provided false, misleading or incomplete information.

For these reasons, FAMM opposes H.R. 1528.

124. Stop cruel deportation of mother of two young US children

Rosalba M. is a Mexican citizen who has been living and working as a housekeeper in the SF Bay Area for approximately the past thirteen years. Her two sons, G.(13) and L.(11) are U.S. citizens who have lived here their entire lives and attend public school in the Bay Area. Rosalba divorced their father some years ago due to his repeated physical abuse. Rosalba was awarded custody of the children and they live with her most of the time. She has sole responsibility for their up bringing. Rosalba is a law-abiding, hard-working, loving mother who is a tremendous role model for her children. She has invested all of her spare time and scarce resources in giving them a better opportunity than she has had in life, including a quality education. G. and L. are good, well-behaved children who are deeply attached to their mother. G. is an honor student. L. has some learning disabilities that require special attention from the school and his mother. Their father takes little interest in the children and has shown little concern for their welfare. He is unemployed, has a criminal record and he and his current wife have refused to pay court-ordered child support for two years.

Following a bureaucratic process, Rosalba has been notified by Homeland Security that she will be deported as an illegal alien on May 3, and that she may not re-enter the country for at least five years. She has consistently cooperated with the immigration authorities and has repeatedly appealed to them to consider the impact of their proposed actions on her children. Section 240A of the Immigration and Nationality Act provides eligibility for relief in cases of hardship to children such as this one. However, her appeals to the immigration service and the courts have been rejected, and the children are now facing the terrifying prospect of having their mother permanently taken away from them by their own Government.

They face an impossible choice:
· Stay in the United States without their mother, dependent on a violent father who has shown little concern for their education or general welfare, or
· Go with their mother to live in one of the poorest regions of Mexico, a country whose language they do not speak, without access to education or financial support
In either case, the impact on their lives will be devastating.

125. Muscovy Ducks to be designated as a Florida native species

We, the undersigned, are calling for the abolition of cruelty to Muscovy Ducks in the State of Florida and asking that they are designated as a Florida Native species.

One of the main reasons the Muscovy duck was brought here several hundred years ago, was to help keep down the mosquito and bug population. There are billions of insects on an acre of land, and the Muscovy ducks are worth their weight in gold at eating mosquitoes and insects; including mosquito larva. They also eat flies, maggots and roaches.

Muscovies do not cause pollution in the water and do not cause algae... they eat it, they do not cause it.

The Muscovy duck is very friendly and loved by many people who take the time to get to know them. There are a lot of lies spread about these ducks. These ducks are not aggressive towards human beings in any way.

They also do not carry diseases. As any living person or creature, ducks can occasionally get ill, just as any bird of fowl can, this does not mean they carry diseases. They are also very clean and take from 3 to 10 baths a day. Their droppings are soft and wash down with a hose very easy, and is also very good fertilizer.

The Muscovy has the nicest character of any of the breeds with a pronounced sense of humour/ very intelligent and head of any escape committee !

"Duck haven" information below:
**** Trappers do NOT relocate. They KILL. They drug them, maim them, and then gas them. Do not believe the ducks are being sent elsewhere
**** Muscovies are not a health hazard. Yes, they may poop on the driveway, but with a little care and patience and a working garden hose, the mess is cleaned up. There has never been a proven incidence where a duck has spread any disease. This is a myth.
**** They are environmentally helpful. They rid our yard of many insects including; mosquitoes and spiders. They also rid out yards of snakes, and small rodents.
**** They've been here in
Florida longer than we have! They settled here over 100 years ago.


We want these friendly ducks to be protected. We want to stop the abuse and killings of the Muscovy Ducks. We want to stop the trappers from abusing and killing the Muscovy Ducks.

We want the Muscovy Ducks to be declared native and be protected.

Egrets have only been here for about 50 years and they are protected, yet the Muscovy has been here for hundreds of years and is not protected. We are asking for the Muscovy Ducks to be a native species in the state of Florida.

Thank you

126. Give Kurt Cobain A Re-Trial

April 6, 2006

Help Kurt Cobain get justice. If you do enough research, you will see his death was not suicide. Please help this rock icon get the justice that should have been his 11 years ago.

His death was covered up by several selfish people. Please sign this to help the world know that his death WAS murder and help frame those who commited it. PLEASE help give this rock icon the justice he has deserved for eleven years. If you need evidence to support this accusation please contact me at

Your help is MUCH apperciated. Thank you for giving this beautiful man justice and for giving all who care for him hope.

127. End the Embargo against Cuba!

For more than 45 years, this illegal and immoral policy has achieved the sole function of harming hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children, by preventing ready access to food, medicine and other essential goods.

Not only does the embargo indiscriminately punish the Cuban people by:

* Barring the delivery of the newest, most effective medicines, medical equipment, and medical information;
* Discouraging foreign companies from sending goods to Cuban ports;
* Blocking the shipment of water treatment equipment that prevents the spread of water-borne disease;
* Causing life-threatening nutritional deficiencies in pregnant women and children.

The embargo also stifles individual American freedoms and the free exchange of values and ideas by:

* Denying our right to free travel;
* Refusing all visits to extended family in Cuba;
* Forbidding more than one visit every three years to a close family member in Cuba (even if sick or dying);
* Prohibiting the free exchange of values and ideas;
* Restricting the exchange of students and scholars;
* Forbidding professionals from academic, scientific and cultural conferences sponsored by U.S. or Cuban institutions.

128. Rivals Re-Design

This is a petition for all of the publishers to sign to show how eager we are for a new design of our websites on the Rivals network.

We have kept the same design of our sites for around four years and feel its time for a new design to be implemented.

Please give your support to this by stating your name and the site which you run.

129. ISRO to launch a man in space by 2015

I think India should put its attention on putting a man in orbit with its own launch vehicle by the year 2015.

If the USSR could do it 44 years ago in Vostok-1 and the Chinese did it only recently surely it is time for the worlds largest democrcacy which already has an advanced launcher program to put a pressurized capsule in orbit for about 24 hours with reentry capabilites for either a hard landing or a splashdown somewhere in the Indian ocean.

The spacecraft itself just needs to consist of a service module and a reentry capsule.

It would be fantastic for Indian national pride and boost the interest of Indian students in science courses in university. 10 years is a long time.

Inida can do it. If india does not accomplish this it will mean that India has yeilded to US attempts to stunt the growth of Indian technological advancements.

130. Reduction of High school hours

Teenage years are very difficult, school is a huge part of most teenagers' lives and is very stressful for them. The problems vary from their peers to grades and I feel both could be resolved by reducing school hours.

Most every student I've asks claims that they almost always have about 25-35 minutes of free time after each lesson. If every class period was half as long there would be just as much learned and more of an impact. Rather than have class assignments we could have homework more often. Drivers ed, makeup work, tutoring and other various school activities could be scheduled for after school.

With school not as long, students will not be as hesitant or nervous about attending school. Many students have problems with other kids or are harrassed by them so it makes more of an impact with school being such a big part of their lives. Students wouldnt have enough spare time to harm anyone if school was shorter but a student could have enough time to meet people. Most "bullies" only pick on others when they are bored or feel badly about themselves. I feel there would be less school violence, suicides, and less absences.

131. Save WHFS 99.1

As of January 12, 2005 the legendary WHFS 99.1 alternative rock station changed its format without and warning to its listeners or to its employees. At 12 noon, they simply stopped playing the music my generation has loved for years, and switched to a new format. No warning, no good-bye, no anything. I have listened to this radio station for years, infact, it is the ONLY radio station i listen to.

This also means an end to the legendary HFStival and Nutcracker concerts that WHFS puts on every year. I am attempting to collect as many signatures as possible with the intentions of sending the petition to Infinity Broadcasting in an effort to get them change their minds and not take this great radio station from its thousands upon thousands upon thousands of loyal, dedicated listeners.

132. Save Crossfire!

This petition is to save CNN's Crossfire. Following weak ratings and a highly publicized appearance by Jon Stewart, CNN President Jonathan Klein has announced plans to not renew the show. Crossfire has been a staple of network news for over twenty two years.

133. Nausheen Please Come Back!!!!!

As you daily viewers of Kkusum know, Nausheen Ali Sardar joined Kkusum 3 years back as the main character 'Kkusum.' She not only found fame and fortune, but found a place in our hearts. Her natural looks, her natural acting, her beautiful smile was captured.

Today we stand 3 years on, with the serial leaped 18 years with Nausheen replaced by Rohit Roys wife, Mansi Joshi Roy. Although, the actress is sure trying her best, we miss nausheen to bits.


This Petition refers to Convicted Sex Offenders. Currently, these Pedophiles have to register for 10 short years from the time of their conviction. THIS IS INSANE!

Please sign this Petition & forward to as many people as possible. A little bit of insight---my son was 3-1/2 years old when I found out he was being victimized!?! So, these people MUST register for the duration of theIr life. Pedophiles CANNOT be rehabilitated and it is up to us to get ths Bill enacted in Congress! Once I receive what I hoe to be a significant petition, I am headed to Capitol Hill to fight to have this Bill passed immediately! The Petition is named "Gage's Law".

Lastly if anyone is interested in joining me in Washington, D.C. - please let me know! Thank you! Dee Dee...

135. School naming - Dr. Jesse Hall.

To Washoe County School District - Board of Education: The following individuals are requesting that you name the next school for an individual who has spent more that 35 years of service to this school district, Dr. Jesse Hall.

Dr. Hall was a teacher, principal and currently a site coordinator for the after school program in the Washoe County School District.

This petition is to support the naming of a school in honor of a long time educator, Jesse Hall, in the Washoe County School District.

136. End Gay Marriages

I have lobbied for about 4 years now on this issue. I disagree strongly about gay marriages because in my life I have seen 32 gay marriages in which 29 of them broke up in 2 years, leaving scars. I also think it is personally wrong.

137. During Election Years, the Celebration of Washington's Birthday Should be Moved to Election Day

Voter turnout in the United States of America has long been in decline, and its time that there was a change. We, the world's leading democracy, have one of the lowest voter participation rates in the world. This is what ultimately led to the formation of the bipartisan National Commission on Federal Election Reform headed by Presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford. Therefore, the need for reform is there and the creation of a Federal Election Day holiday is a viable solution.

A survey completed by the U.S. Census Bureau after the 2000 election found that of those who did not vote, a conflict with work or school was listed as the number one culprit. By moving the celebration of Washington's Birthday to Election Day, we can eliminate the usage of a schedule conflict as a possible excuse.

We, as a nation, will be able to celebrate a right made possible by Washington and his successors and honor them in the process.

138. Food Stamps For College Students

According to a Marketing profile on the Eastern College Athletic Conference, ( Most college students live away from home, and of those who are employed, (66%) most only work part time. [There were no explicit figures available on average college student income, however I believe it is common knowledge that part-time wages are quite low.]

In her article: "College tuition rising faster than the average income", USA Today writer Mary Beth Marklein notes that college tuition rates increased 107% from 1980 to 2002. This increase makes affording food a challenge for college students.

But the real problem is not being able to afford healthy food. According to Ted W. Grace of the Journal of American College Health in his article: "Health Problems of College Students", students' eating habits get much worse in the college years, where students often turn to the convenient, cheap, fast food industry to sustain them.

One February 25, 2004 article of The Daily Orange (the school newspaper of Syracuse University) tells of the growing trend of students who desire to eat healthy but find themselves only able to afford unhealthy fast food items.

Providing food stamps to college students who meet the requirements I listed would be a step in the right direction for our nations future. The college years are the time in the lives of young Americans where they make formative habits that stick with them for the rest of their lives. If students are forced into the habit of poor eating choices due to financial constraints, then they will continue with those habits, and the health of this nation will continue to deteriorate in a very negative way. However, having a steady source of food would set many students at ease, knowing that expenses such as rent and tuition can be prioritized on their personal budgets, without having to sacrifice good eating.

Thank you for your consideration,
-Thomas K.

139. Parole Protest against Jason Allen Hayes

I am writing this letter of protest against Jason Allen Hayes, TDCJ #01046470, date of birth 6-15-1975.

On June 12, 2001 he was sentenced to senven years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justic, Institutional Division. As of November 22, 2004, Jason is eligible for parole.

Having pled Guilty to aggravated sexual assault of a Child not only of his own son, but also his ex-wife's little sister, Jason Hayes should serve the full length of time he was originally sentenced. A child molester that is sentenced for only seven years is not rehabilitated in that small lengh of time. What is seven years compared to a lifetime of instability, guilty feelings, insecurity, and low self-esteem that Hason has inflicted on these two small children's lives?

We the people of one of the abused children, residents of our community, and Panola County, Texas law enforcement would like to enter a petition against the possibility of Jason Allen Hayes receiving parole.

140. Road Maintenance of Central Rd.

The residents of Central Rd., south of Round Up Way in Apple Valley, were given the opportunity to self-maintain this portion of Central Rd. Twenty years ago (for the purpose of reducing their property taxes). Now with the changes of residents over the years, it has become a hardship for everyone to maintain the road. Now we are asking the County to list it as a, "County maintained road."

141. Petition for Itchy of Shock Therapy

Petition against the Parole Board Michigan and the Parr Highway Correctional Facility Michigan.

Friends and fans of Gregory-John Mc Cormick (Itchy), his band Shock Therapy, fans of Wave, Gothik, Metal, EBM, Punk, Industrial, and music fans in general, I would like to draw your attention to a dreadful situation.

Itchy, head of the band Shock Therapy (best well-known album/single "hate" is (just) a four letter word), is locked up in a Michigan prison for the past 4 years. For the past 20 years Itchy lived most of the time in Europe. At the beginning of year 2000 he was visiting his native America.

After he visited Keith Jackson in Phönix (guitar player and one of the founder of Shock Therapy), he went to Michigan, to visit his father, an old granny, which is like a mother to him, and his brother. Some days, after arriving in Michigan Itchy came back to his father´s house and found the old granny raped and robbed by a drug dealer in here house. The drugdealer beat her hard and broke her arm, before he robbed her. Itchy called the police, because he knew the perpetrator, and he could make help them locate this person who lived in the neighbourhood. But the police were totally disinterested in this case and did nothing. Itchy was pissed off and despaired. Itchy´s relationship with this old Lady was always very familiar and she cared much about him, especially since his natural mother died from cancer 9 years ago. That old Lady looked at Itchys house, when he was on tour, and she cared about his dog and much more. Often people from the neighbourhood broke into Itchys house and stole away his music-equipment. Itchy called to the house of the drug dealer when he was drunk intending to talk to him but the drug dealer was not at home. As a small warning Itchy burned down a tiny pile of trash at the back of the drug dealer's garage-shed. The police arrested him for this.

What would you do, or how would you react in his situation? Just imagine, someone did the same to your father or to your mother. By the way…no life was harmed in this tiny fire because he knew that the drug dealer was not at home ( or at least he did not shows up at the door, after Itchy rang the bell!). Anyway, the drug dealer died 2 weeks later from an overdose.

Since that day Itchy is imprisoned under very bad circumstances . For a comparable crime one would get half a year, or maximum one year, in a German prison. More likely than that one would just receive probation. The Parole Board, which decides once in a year about the prisoner releases and the Parr Highway Correctional Facility, want to keep Itchy in as long as possible. The Parole Board told Itchy´s father lately, they plan to keep him in for the next years.

Itchy shits and pukes blood now every morning for the past year. His guts and his stomach hurt, he has strange blisters all over his skin, one of his eyes is blood red for weeks. He has constant Migraine headaches, nightmares every night, and strong depressions. He suffer from rheumatic fever since one year, and this poisoned his blood. Itchy and I have written to each other for 3 ½ years, often 3-4 big letters a month. I´m his closest friend and he calls me his real "brother". Thus I know all about him and his condition. Itchy is really very ill and he may not remain alive more than another six month. He often writes to me about his thoughts of suicide if his situation will not change for the better.

Itchy is well-known as a hard boiled Elektropunk-musician, but this is just one of his images, he plays for his fans. I know Itchy as the best friend anyone can have, very broad minded, success oriented, and someone who gives his best for a friend and who is always willing to help. Now he remains imprisoned for this crime, for which he has repented several times over for far too long.

I would like to state some other reasons why he should be free a long time ago:

1. Itchy has lived his life mainly in Europe, and after his release from prison he plans to leave the USA forever and he would never return there.

2. As I have already written Itchy has been jailed for too long for this crime. This is also what the lawyer Mr Gary Margosian from Michigan told us. Even this good lawyer could not do anything against the judgements of the Parole Board.

3. Each prisoner held longer than necessary in prison costs lots of money for each hard working American taxpayer. Since Itchy plans to leave the USA forever this is a negligent waste of tax money.

Instead of this the Parole Board could sanction Itchy´s release + immediate expulsion, also through the decision of Jennifer Granholm, Governeur in Michigan. All this is an unjust, senseless and overstated sadistic behaviour on the part of the Parole Board and the Parr Highway Correctional Facility which, in my opinion, is not behaving accordingly with the American sense of fairness.

Itchy has about 100 new song ideas, 3 books are in progress, I sell his paintings to earn money for a lawyer and to pay for his dinner in prison. Since the prison serves old and rotten food to the prisoners I must supply Itchy with necessary requirements. Itchy became as ill as he is now, from the grief, his depression and from his meals in prison. Actually he should be free for the reason he is unsuitable to be detained because of his bad shape, but the Parole Board and the Parr Highway Correctional Facility probably want kill him. Each consultation at the prison doctor costs Itchy 5 dollars and he can´t trust the doctor in prison anyway. Some prisoners have already died after a normal routine check up and they use the ill prisoners as subjects for unregistered medicine. Itchy can´t expect protection from these doctors since he cannot trust them.

The signatures collected will go to a very good Attorney in Michigan, to the mechanism I mentioned (Governeur Jennifer Granholm, Parole Board and Parr Highway Correctional Facility), and to most well-known magazines in Europe and America, to appeal to the sanity of the decision makers.

I've informed Amnesty International London and America, and ACLU Michigan about Itchy´s case and they won´t help us. They told us, they have not enough time for our case, and we shall hire a lawyer, but we have no money to do that. Not one Cent!

Itchy is the best friend one can have and his long suffered incarceration is inhuman and inappropriate. Please support his release from prison.

Captain Ralf Dellhofen
25. September 2004

Itchy´s address in prison is:

Gregory-John Mc Cormick 34 70 89
Parr Highway Correctional Facility
27 27 E. Beecher St. / P.O. Box 18 88
Adrian, Michigan 49221
U. S. A.

142. Bring Back The Angry Beavers

This petition is due for submission on Jan 1, 2006. An update will be posted in due course.


The Angry Beavers was a wonderful Nickelodeon Cartoon that first aired in 1997. Many people are still avid fans of the show, and many continue to watch the repeats on Nicktoons TV.

Unfortunatly, Nicktoons TV is only available to certain television services and many of the shows former fans have not seen it in years.

We are tired of Nickelodeon cancelling the shows we love and replacing it with shows we hate, yes, Nickelodeon's poor descision making is a common topic on this website, and this show was only one of a group of wonderful shows gone down the toilet because of the descisions of Nickelodeon, but this show had an inexcuseable reason for it's cancellation, and this is why.

It started in 1998 when an episode's screenplay had the words 'shut up!' in it. Now I have no idea why, but Nickelodeon chose to edit this, even though many other Nickelodeon shows have gotten away with the use of the words 'shut up', but that wasn't half of it. In 2001, this show was cancelled early because in what was tentativly going to be the last episode, 'Bye Bye Beavers', Dag, a main character on the show, was trying to convince Norbert, another main character, that they were cartoon characters, and Nick cancelled it because of this, in more detail, it suggested that this was a message to kids that the show was ending, which it was, but what Nickelodeon doesn't know is that kids probably already knew this.

By the time The Angry Beavers was in it's later years, the internet had began to become more accsessable, with TV websites who knew all about what was really going on with TV shows giving all the facts, so most kids probably found out (for an example, when Nick cancelled Spongebob, they sure kept a great secret there). And Nick was also offended for TV's, which they believed was aimed at them, policies to air alot of reruns and few new episodes. Evidence suggests that this may not have been completly directed at Nickelodeon.

Because of Nickelodeons poor judgement, this show was cancelled as Nick broke the hearts of millions of fans, we would now, in the way Nickeldeon revived Spongebob, Rugrats, and Ren & Stimpy, to revive the Angry Beavers with new episodes and airtime on the regular Nickelodeon channel, we want to see our beloved Beavers again!

143. Vogt Out Vogts - Save our Scottish Team

Actually the History of this should have started a few years ago. Bertie Vogts should have been Expelled from the position of Scottish Coach for the National Football team years ago.

Recently Mr Vogts and the Scotland team have been getting a lot of bad press recently, for obvious reasons, if your a Scotland Supporter. A Sunday league team in a First Division Playoff. I put it to you the Scottish Supporter that we get a Scotsman at the Helm of our sinking ship that is the National Team. At least that way we'll maintain a Pride which has been missing for the duration of the Vogts Administration.

The Moldovan fiasco was the final straw for me personally, how UNANIMATED could a coach be, there was no love or pride in that man, how then can that same pride be felt in the team. We have spirit and determination but we have no pride, not the old pride that Scotland is so famous for.


144. Younger working age !

For years tenagers (11, 12, 13, and 14 year olds) have not been able to get a legal job. For years (i am 13) i have wanted to have a job to learn responcibilty and work ethics. I also need money for things that i want suck at drums cd's ect.

There should be a lowered working age so all teens can be able to work for what they want not just wait for their birthdays or rely on a allowance.

145. Foxtel bring UK soaps up to date

September 05, 2004

UK soaps Coronation Street and Eastenders are shown on Foxtels UKTV channel. Episodes currently screening are 2 years behind episodes screening in the UK. Originally these soaps were shown only 2-3 times a week in UK but now Eastenders is shown 4 times a week and Coronation Street 5 times a week.

For the last couple of years UKTV has started showing double episodes of Eastenders over the Summer to help catch up but never has it shown double eps of Coronation Street. This means it will never catch up unless extra episodes are shown.

I have started this petition as I love watching both shows and although I appreciate the double helping of Eastenders watching 1.5 hours of soap a night is a big commitment and can be overkill. It seems only logical to me to screen some episodes of both on weekends instead until both are up to date.

One idea could be to move Eastenders 4 eps to Sat & Sun 6.30pm-7.30pm whilst showing double Coronation St weekdays and when Coronation St catches up move Eastenders back to weekdays but leave Eastenders on weekends until it also catches up.

Please sign my petition below if you want to see Coronation Street and/or Eastenders brought up to date.

146. Stop the ban on F/A and Multi-Mode Paintball Markers

Fellow ballas -

You may not be aware of it, but busybodies from the AMA, certain manufacturers who find their market share threatened by the latest advances, and tournament league representatives (traditionally phobic of change) have banded together to manipulate the ASTM to reject full-auto and multi-mode paintball markers from the governing safety specification, thereby effectively banning them. Very shortly you will not be able to purchase or even use fully-automatic and multi-mode markers unless they are stopped.

Supposedly this is for safety, but we all know this flies in the face of well known statistics. Take a gander at the attached forwarded article.

Some people prefer semi-only play. Fine (some people prefer pumps). But some of us like the advanced new markers. Regardless of your preference, do you really want these guys deciding for you what equipment you should and should not be allowed to use without any basis in fact?

Signing this petition to re-instate full-auto and multi-mode markers to the standard is a good start to telling these meddlers to go home, but please consider contacting the ASTM board directly to voice your disapproval of this lame action. Here's the link:

"To those who want to save the world from fully-automatic paintball guns:

There's a bridge crossing the San Francisco Bay. You may have heard of it. 1013 people have intentionally leapt to their deaths from this bridge since its opening 66 years ago. Proposed solution - build insurmountable barriers along both sides of the bridge. Hey, its only 4,200 feet long. Oh wait, there's just one small problem. It's stupid. Not to worry, though - history teaches us that someone in government (probably well connected in the construction business) won't be stopped by a detail like that. By the way, there really are advocates who expect to deface the Golden Gate Bridge with multi-million dollar suicide barriers. I'm serious. There are.

And, unbeknownst to most of the playing population, yes, some time ago members of the AMA sent a letter (and more recently sat on subcommittee F08.24, the ASTM group in charge of paintball related standards) which prompted the ASTM to reject fully-automatic and multi-mode (F/A & MM) markers in the latest revision of standard F2272 03 "Standard Specification for Paintball Markers (Limited Modes)". But has anyone any actual data that even suggests that (F/A & MM) markers are any less safe than semi's? The answer is no, we are simply supposed to bow to their medical authority…but, what exactly in a medical degree constitutes any expertise at all on the safety of any aspect of paintball, anyway? Apparently AMA ophthalmologists have discovered that a paintball has an excellent chance of doing serious damage if it should strike a naked eye. Think so? Lucky we have these guys on the job. Anyway, since no one in the AMA can be troubled to do any homework before meddling in ASTM standards, just for the record here are some statistics this author was able to find in a couple hours of net surfing:

Only about 4% of all blindings in the United States are the result of injury of any kind, the large remainder primarily resulting from disease. About 2.4 million eye injuries do occur each year, and according to the U.S. Eye Injury Registry, almost half (43%) of these occur within the home, with another third at work, while only 4% of all injuries are sports related (about 100,000 per year). Regarding injuries specific to paintball, in a web-based summary of a recently completed comprehensive sports participation study, SGMA INTERNATIONAL ( reports:

'While membership in the Extreme Sports category implies a whiff of danger, only paintball is handicapped by a huge injury taboo, one that exists in the public mind, but not in the statistics. The industry has long maintained that the rare (but highly publicized) eye injury almost always occurs in an unsupervised, unprotected, often illegal setting; and that paintball is a very safe activity, a claim substantiated by the current research, as the sport reflected only 0.2 injuries per 1,000 exposures, the lowest injury rate of any Extreme Sport. Put another way, the average player will suffer a paintball injury about once every 500 years.'

The above statistic encompasses all types of paintball injuries, most of which are sprains, broken bones, etc. The Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates that 2000 paintball-related eye injuries were treated in emergency rooms from 1997 through 1999. Normalizing by the playing population at that time, one may estimate that annually just a little over 1 in 10,000 players received an eye injury. Of course, this begs the question "How severe is the average paintball-related eye injury?" Naturally, this varies, and it is difficult to find data published in a form allowing a reasonable statistical estimate. (Most medical studies hand pick the cases evaluated, so they do not represent a random sample.) This author was able to find one survey, however, of the eleven cases presented to the University of Iowa Hospital between 1994 and 1999 which provides a small but unbiased sampling that provides a rough basis of estimate. Nine of these cases recovered 20/30 or better vision, while only two recovered 20/200 or less. (Incidentally, 20/200 is about 2.2 diopters - many people with vision in this range wear glasses only for driving.) This statistic should not be interpreted to downplay the potential severity of damage inflicted by a paintball striking the eye, but rather probably is more sensibly interpreted as an indication that medical technology is up to the task. This is a limited statistical sample, but suggests that only about 20% of all paintball eye injuries serious enough to seek medical attention result in significant permanent visual impairment and one may combine these statistics to estimate the chances of significant permanent visual impairment to a paintball player are on the order of 1 in 50,000 per year. To put this into perspective, the average paintball player is 50% more likely to be killed by a drunk driver and three times more likely to be the victim of murder in a given year than have significantly impaired vision resulting from a paintball accident in the U.S.

Now, the demagogues of the world have made a great issue lately of the idea of a potential "double blindness", but let's again take a quick look at some facts (always a good idea before giving advice, n'est pas?) We're talking about something that this author was unable to find any evidence to have actually ever occurred. Not that it's impossible, but the fact that it apparently hasn't actually happened does allow a probability estimate. Let's see - the typical argument goes that since marker firing rates are increasing, the chances of a double blindness must also be increasing. Fine, since F/A & MM markers have only been around for a few years, we'll just consider recent history, and estimate roughly 2700 injuries in the last three years (by scaling the 1997-99 per capita injury rate by the increase in the playing population). Given no reported double eye injuries, this allows us to statistically estimate with 99.99% confidence that in a single paintball-related ocular trauma incident, the odds of both eyes receiving injury are less than 0.34%. Putting it all together, the average paintball player will happen upon an accident rendering significant permanent vision impairment to both eyes once every 86 million years. (He or she is 2500 times more likely to be killed by a drunk driver than to receive a significant double eye injury.)

Still not satisfied with those odds? Keep your mask on. Whereas about 10% of all eye injuries are not preventable with reasonable protective equipment, 100% of all paintball-related eye injuries are. Not one eye has ever been injured while protected by an ASTM certified paintball mask. Not from any kind of marker. Never. Even when masks have cracked in service due to manufacturing defects (resulting in product recalls by manufacturers who have been outstandingly proactive with respect to safety), none has ever failed to protect the wearer.

Get the point? Maybe the term "double blindness" would better be used to refer to the blind leading the blind (something that seems to happen much more often than paintball accidents). Of course, those involved are only a tiny group of kneejerk meddlers within the AMA, but I am embarrassed for them. And exactly who are the AMA? Of course, they claim to be the voice of doctors in the United States, but a very official sounding acronym doesn't make that true. One doctor I interviewed described a self-appointed organization of M.D.'s turned politician, champions of the HMO, who solicit high dues paying membership by furthering the financial interests of doctors over the needs of their patients. Apparently most doctors agree, as 7 out of 10, to their credit, abstain from membership. So, if most doctors reject the AMA, why is the ASTM so easily influenced by their propaganda in the face of so many readily available facts and reports by both medical and sports organizations?

Moving along, let's list the common fallacies (starting with and re-iterating safety for completeness) which comprise the ongoing "debate" on F/A & MM markers:

Fallacy #1. Fully automatic and multi-mode markers are less safe than semi's.

Nonsense. As illustrated above the data illustrates quite the contrary. People (and the ASTM, insurance companies, etc.) are making rules for all of us, shouldn't there be a little more behind it than ego posturing, superstition, and paranoia.

Fallacy #2. F/A & MM markers will lead to more overshooting.

F/A& MM markers are typically design limited to shoot at lower rates of fire than the average person can achieve with an electro-triggered semi. What does it matter if the marker is full-auto or semi? If it's capable of 15 shots/second, who cares if the operator's finger is twitching or not? Max rate of fire rules may be a good idea, but fully-automatic and multi-mode markers make it easier, not harder to regulate firing rate…and I quote a very insightful review of an electro by one contributor to identifying himself as "DrEvil" (hope that's a pseudonym): "As far as the different firing modes go, if you can shoot fast, you might as well leave the gun on semi-auto since the full-auto mode is only 8-12 bps."

Fallacy #3.F/A & MM markers will take over the game.

Again, F/A & MM markers shoot no faster than good semis, and anyway, are pumps forced to play against semi's in tournaments? Shouldn't it be obvious that different hardware can be isolated to different forums (for instance, stock markers have their own competition class)? I haven't heard anyone suggest that players who want to play semi-only should be obligated to take on full-auto and multi-mode employing opponents. But just because some people don't want to play with the more advanced technology, isn't it a little mean spirited that they should try to dictate that no one gets to?

Fallacy #4. F/A & MM markers encourage "spray and pray" tactics.

Again, F/A & MM markers shoot no faster than good semis (anyone picking up a theme). The only way in which full-auto and multi-modes encourage spraying is that holding down the trigger does deliver kind of a thrill whereas having to work a trigger as fast as you can is a little annoying. But, since when is a little fun bad? Some people say that spray and pray is what we have now; others disagree. Rulemakers of tournaments and paintball fields should sit down and really think about what they are trying to say, and then say that. If we don't want guys doing the spray and pray thing (which most people don't, including people who like the newer technologies), the most direct approach is ammo limits per game (and, of course, there are tournament categories now with 200 rnd limits), and that takes care of it. But there's nothing wrong with those who want to carry 1000+ rnds onto the field, it's just a different game. Play the game you want; let others play the game they want.

Fallacy #5. F/A & MM markers should be eliminated because they are illegal in some other countries.

Most sports (and even games such as Scrabble) have had to adopt different rules for national vs. international events. Foreign players can still come here and compete in semi-auto events, and vice versa. Also, keep in mind that despite all efforts to the contrary, the United States is unique in all the world in that its government is based on freedom. Do you really want to accept rules from every guy in the world who gets to wear a funny hat?

Fallacy #6. FF/A & MM markers take skill out of the game.

First off, the core skills of the game are teamwork, strategy, and accuracy. Sure it takes skill to pull a trigger fast, but making that an axis of competition seems kind of silly and arbitrary to this author. At paintball's inception, rate of fire was a non-issue, because the markers were all single shot per load. Then someone invented a bolt action, then a pump, then semi-auto. All of these advancements proceeded under the understanding that a higher rate of fire improved one's capability compared to the next guy. And every time these new technologies were introduced, people complained that something was lost from the game (and every time they tried to make them illegal). But nothing was ever lost. People can still play the pump game; they can still play the semi game; and letting people play the full-auto game won't change that. Would we all want to be running around with those old Nelsplats that you practically had to disassemble to re-load? There are people who think yes, and there's nothing stopping them. The advent of full-auto and multi-mode markers can actually decrease our fixation on rate of fire, since they can simply be set to a regulation max rate of fire (be that 8 or 15 balls per second). Anyone can pick one of these up and get exactly the same performance. As long as everyone has access to comparable equipment (and that's true now more than ever because inexpensive sear trippers give you nearly the performance of a Timmy at very low cost), the only remaining factors are teamwork, strategy, and accuracy.

But this is just stating the obvious. In short, wouldn't we be better off focusing on keeping the sport safe with the new advancements (which are fun, at least for many), rather than once again trying to artificially stem the tide of progress? There is a crusade against personal responsibility in our country, and all this is just one more brick in the wall.

The bridge? Think. Those who choose the bridge do so for style and/or statement. If people so inclined can't get to the side of the bridge, they'll just find a tall building (maybe we should make those illegal?). This author suggests a diving board near the center. That way, to do it right, people will feel they have to use the board, and will end up having to think things over for at least the 20 minutes it takes to walk out to it. In such a preoccupied state, they may even walk out on the wrong side, and have to go all the way back around. With any luck, 20-40 extra minutes of reflection will change their mind.

Please feel welcome to reproduce and distribute this article freely,


147. Home Owners of Valley Green Village

Declaration of Restrictive Covenants and Charge upon the land #(34) " The coventants are to run with the land and shall be binding on all parties and all persons claiming under them for a period of twenty-five years from the date these convenants are recorder after which time said convenants shall be automatically extended for succesive periods of ten years unless and instrument signed by a majority of the then owners of the lots has been recorded, agreeing to change said convenants in whole or in part, except the easments herein referred to, which shall be perpetual".

148. 45 years for hostage taking is too much

A former school friend of mine who was having a very bad time in his life decided to do a very stupid thing: he went into a bank to rob the counter but when things went wrong he took an employee hostage at gunpoint. Nevertheless he was overrun by the police (SWAT) and received 45 years in prison although nobody was physically hurt.

I think that's a very, very, very harsh sentence !!

149. Pose Again Carol

July 4, 2004

Carol Vorderman posed for the May edition of GQ magazine which went on to be their best selling edition for 3 years.

At 43 years old she struck a real blow for the more mature members of the female population.

She then said that she would like to do some similar shoots but, since then, all has gone quiet. Now Carol has finally left Countdown what better time for her to get back in to the limelight with another set of sizzling photos.

Go on Carol, make your legions of admirers happy and pose again for another set of sixxling photos.

150. Liberty X to perform at Pride event

Big Gay Out has decided (along with Liberty x) that they should not perform at this years event due to a mis-quote by a member of Liberty x. The member was quoted as saying something homophobic (a copy of what was said and her reply, can be found on