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211. Help Save The Earth!

President Bush and United americans:
My name is Jayla Lee, and I have relized, that one day our world will come to an end. I want to help the Earth stay healthy and exsist longer than it is planned to. To do this, I need your help, the world's help. People drive cars every day, and the smoke ruins the air, and it's exspecially bad here in Sacramento. What I need your help with is to follow China's ways--riding bikes instead of cars. Every human on Earth recieves a bike, and increase taxes by a couple cents to pay for the bikes. Please, let the Earth last longer, so humans in the future can enjoy Earth, and they'll all know that you helped it to be more healthy.

So please, take a few seconds out of your busy schedule, and sign this petition.
Thank you very much for your time.

212. Madonna to visit Turkey

On May 2004, Madonna will be starting her newest world tour.

For the forthcoming world tour, for which the details will be available within weeks, Turkish fans ask Madonna to perform a gig in Istanbul.

213. Play More Music and Less Reality Shows

In the past MTV was all about the music and the "Real World". Now the "Real World" is just the butt of reality shows on MTV. I'm not sure if any other petitions have been made for this cause [more music on MTV], if there is, oh well this is another one.

214. Save the Dogs Worldwide!

There is such as a thing as the plight of Cats and Dogs.

There are only a few countries in the world where dogs are killed for human consumption. One of them is Korea. Killing dogs for consumption is often an act of ignorance and is always betrayal of their trust. Many Korean dogs who meet a tragic end come from individual households, where they form a close bond, at least on their part, with some of the family members.

215. Save Gareth Official Fanclub - Gaz-ets United!

This is a petition to keep Gareth Official Fanclub open! It is the best fanclub in the world and not only do we get to speak to the man himself but we get exclusive extras which mean a lot to us Gaz-ets! Such as Gareth's diary, competitions, chats, audios, pictures, videos, presents!

Please don't close the Fanclub down! Please don't do it to us.. and please don't do it to Gareth!

The Fanclub means everything to us! Please FCT!!

WE LOVE GARETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kimberley (Kimberley4Gareth

216. Manufacture more watermelon and pineapple chupa chups

Many years ago, 2 young, fresh, vibrant school girls were lucky enough to stumble upon one of the few true wonders of the world, pineapple and watermelon chupa chups. We were devastated to learn the availability of these flavours had decreased drastically, almost to the point of extinction. It is our mission to see these flavours brought back into the world, so other young, fresh, vibrant school girls may discover these wonderful treasures.

217. Ban Fear Factor

On a recent Holiday edition on Fear Factor on NBC, a player was asked to eat live dragonflies. I saw this and right away wanted to tell the world and ban this. I realize that we all eat animals, but thats for a way of life. The players ate the live dragonflies for a couple hundred dollars. They also had to eat, ants, worms, and flies, all live. I am only 13 years of age, and I dont want to grow up in a world that has people eating live, and very pretty, animals for a cash prize, and entertainment.

218. Get the UN into Iraq!

The cowardly heads on the United Nations Security Counsel threaten the stability of the Entire Middle East, as well as countless lives of the international coalition bent on rebuilding Iraq, by not supporting the rebuilding process. Not only will they not support any effort to help the coalition help the Iraqis, the UN sends the message to Iraqis and Arabs alike that the allies are the 'enemies'.

Behind this madness sits France, Germany, and Russia, who are bent on protecting there own hidden records of arms shipments to Iraq and lucrative oil deals, instead of doing the right thing. It no longer matters if you supported this war effort, the goal now is to bring peace and stability to the region, and route out the terrorists! The coalition needs help, help the UN won't give! Because of the cowardliness of the UN Security counsel, the following have happened;

2 November: 16 US soldiers die as Chinook helicopter downed
27 Oct: Red Cross and other buildings in Baghdad bombed, more than 30 killed
12 Oct: Baghdad Hotel bombed, six dead
9 Oct: Police station in Baghdad bombed, 10 killed
29 Aug: Mosque near Najaf bombed, dozens dead including Shia Islam's top cleric in Iraq
19 Aug: UN headquarters in Baghdad bombed, 23 killed including head of mission
7 Aug: Jordanian Embassy bombed, 14 killed

The UN was in Iraq for a short time, but withdrew after a Bombing at there headquarters! Remember that peace isn't free, and not let this situation be another Mogadishu! Let us convince the UN that helping Iraq is the right thing to do, which it Is!

219. Stop Child Labour Worldwide

To: The students of Wilclay P.S. and all the other children in the world.

From: A group of students from Wilclay P.S.

Purpose: We are submitting a petition because we want to raise the awareness of Child Labour. Child Labour is all over the world. The unfortunate children has to work hard day and night for pays under a dollar. They are usually sold by their parents because of debts. They don't even have a chance to see their family.

Request: My request is that all the children in schools to start taking action and do more researchs. We can start fundraisers to raise money to donate to save more children from Child Labour. Spread the news about Child Labour and how you can help. Thank you.

220. Require all public schools to teach children the truth about United States history

The United States of America was created upon the basis of a eurocentric philosophy dripping with white supremist ideals. From the very beginning, America has been the number one terrorist in the world. It has institutionalized racism as well as supported and encouraged mass genocide of entire nations of peoples.

Contrary to popular belief, the first holocaust did not take place in Germany; rather, the first holocaust took place right here in the contegious United States. Hitler can be quoted as writing that his nazi regime had much to gain from studying how the Americans exterminated whole nations of native american peoples. The nazi concentration camps were based off of American indian reservations and the extermination and mass slaughter of over 100,000,000 native individuals. Our government signed treaties with these nations of peoples and continually turned around and broke nearly every single one of them. Native children were kidnapped and sent to boarding schools where they were forced to live their lives according to the strict Protestant ethic, taught to march and punished if they uttered a word of their native language. The popular justification at that time for the destruction of these children's ties to their native culture/way of life was "kill the savage to save the man." History books teach Americans to think of Indians/Native Americans as savages, when in reality, the Americans were the savages. Scalping is commonly associated as one of the savage behaviors native american's displayed. This is inherently false. Scalping came about when the federal and state governments offered a reward for native american scalps. Americans were the scalpers, not the native americans. In some instances people would get money for a native's head, then turn around and scalp the same head to receive even more money. Only long after Americans had instituted scalping as an acceptable, profitable practice did certain tribes begin to do the same to other tribes they were in conflict with--which, by the way, the government pitted against one another in order to ensure it would continue to have the upper hand in exploiting the natives and stealing their land.

People who live in the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Utah and parts of Colorado do not actually live in the United States; this land is in reality Mexican territory which the United States acquired without Mexico's consent after invading Mexico, leading to the war of 1812. Hence, many educated individuals refer to these areas as occupied Mexico, as they are truthfully not part of the United States. Therefore, "illegal immigrants" from Mexico who live in these areas are not illegals at all; rather, AMericans living in these areas are the illegals.

These are just a few of the endless facts regarding our country's history, and we need to stop teaching children false information in our schools. Publishers of history textbooks should be legally forced to provide the truth about our country's long history of savage, brutal, dishonest and racist behavior. In light of current global events, knowledge of the truth abut our country will help us all better understand why the rest of the world does not like or is fearful of our country. Sugar coating the harsh reality of American imperialism in history textbooks perpetuates the continued discrimination and marginalization of only breeds racism, ignorance and stupidity.

221. Stop The Production of Child Labour Made Products

We would like to boycott products made from child labour in stopping the production of these products, such as soccer balls or carpets. We would like factory owners realize how important this issue really is and the danger of having child work. We feel that by doing so, we will be one step closer to eliminating child labour around the world.

222. We want Peace in the World!!!

Why do we support a man who launches pre-empted attacks on poor countries based on unreliable information and then leaves them to cope alone. Give us the youth of the world a chance to live our lives in peace without war.

It can be done if we all want it!!
Peace is not only possible, it is inevitable.

223. SAVE SIGIL!!!

Sigil (one of the best comics in the whole wide world I might add) is going to end... help me save it! :)

224. Another World Reunion Movie

I would like to see a Reunion Movie of Another World.

225. Lower the prices on domains!

Thousands of people around the world want a domain for their website. The only thing stopping them is the price! The cheapest price is around $5.99 a month! That equals to $71.88 dollars a year! A lot of people don't have that much, and it only gets worse! Sign this petition to try and lower prices!

226. Stop killings of cats and dogs to eat

In different countries like the Philippines,China,Malaysia and many more,they has a different sight about cats and dogs.The world need to help this countries to understand that the meat will not be better if they beats and torture this poor animals.

227. Deport George Bush and His Cabinet from the USA

George Bush has, for the past 3 years, been a criminal to the justice of the world. He has murdered the innocent, struck poverty into the poor, and inflicted his evil poison into the rest of the world for far too long. This petition desires to abolish his powers and force him to leave the country for he is nothing but the scum of the universe.

228. Make Aarron king of the world

As you all know, the world does not have a king and who else would suit the job more than me? that's right nobody. so make me king and live a happy life.

229. Terrorism Awareness Month

The judicial courts of Germany, Argentina and Unites States have found the Islamist regime of Iran guilty of terrorist crimes.

Terrorism Awareness Month
19-Aug to 19-Sep

Whereas terrorism is a threat to the global peace, regional security, human rights and freedom.

Whereas the judicial courts of Germany, Argentina and Unites States have found the Islamist regime of Iran guilty of terrorist crimes.

Whereas the terrorists who fire-bombed the Rex Theater on 19-Aug-1978 in Abadan Iran; had the same purpose as the terrorists who caused the World Trade Center inferno on 11-Sep-2001 in New York.

Now therefore We, the undersigned, announce the period of 19-August to 19-September as Terrorism Awareness Month .
We also urge the Heads of the world's democratic states and General Secretary of the United Nations to facilitate warrants for the arrest of the Islamic regime in Iran to be carried out.

230. Chapatti in a Thong est le plus thong du monde!

If you want to know who Chapatti in a Thong is, go to and read some of the pages and look at the pictures.

All we want you to do is help us prove to the world that Chapatti in a Thong "est le plus thong du monde!" (which is obviously is!)

231. We Want MC E.N.D. at the next Hulla!!

I created this petition on behalf of the ravers that will attend and have attended a hullabaloo event before. Being that Hullabaloo gets worldwide recognition as one of the biggest happy hardcore events in the world, i see it as a good opportunity to get the name of a great performer out. E.N.D. is one of North America's fastest rising stars in the world of hardcore, in both MCing and DJing, and we would like to see him on the stage rockin' the mic at the next hullabaloo!

232. Ban all pro ana sites

People die every year from these sites, they follow the so called 'thin commandments' and they end up dead, left as skin and bones, I think that if we can close these sites we may save some lives, please support this case for the young girls around the world.

233. Mod Tools for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

This petition is supposed to show if the community of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Oblivion Lost is interested in creating mods, maps/levels, etc. for the game and hence if GSC Game World should release mod-tools.

Mit dieser Petition soll gezeigt werden, ob bei der S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Oblivion Lost Community Interesse besteht, Mods, Maps/Levels, etc. zu entwickeln und ob GSC Game World Mod-Tools veröffentlichen soll.

234. Abolish DJVortekkx's songs

It has been known to me that DJVortekkx has publicly harassed one of DJ JON DA FONZ's songs thus embarrasing him and all of his congenerates. Furthermore, it's been brought to humanity's attention that this single person can cause the Fifth Holocaust the Bible describes,thus causing the end of the world. DJ JON DA FONZ doesn't want DJVortekkx to insult him, as he is the ruler of a new world order.

235. Bring Boy Meets World To DVD

Boy Meets World was an excellent show on in the 90's. We need to bring it to DVD so all fans can enjoy it again and again.



237. Revolution! Are You In for the Greatest Realization of your life?

Are you in for the Biggest most meaningful Revoultion of your life?I am about to at an indisclosed time,place and identity,to start a major Revolution.If you are a minority,female,poor,outcasted,feel powerless,or are discriminated against in any other way,and want to change the world in a way that none has ever been allowed to even dream or think about,sign this with your E-mail address on the comments area.By the time it's over you WILL see,feel,hear,and even experience this world in a whole new way.Ways that lie on the edge of a new frontier-the frontieron the edge of the present and the threshold of a new beginning,The Future.A Frontier of the unknown.Unknown opportunities and perils,A Threshold of unfulfilled hopes,threats,dreams,goals,and destiny's.This is NOT a Hoax,Joke,Product/Media Propaganda,Or A Government related Operation.It is an Indepedent Individually created operation,who is looking for anyone who is tired of being held down by their government.We are seeking anyone who has skills that will come in useful in the Revolution.(i.e. computer specialists,combat/arms specialists,graphics artist/designers,any one who is open-minded,wants what is rightfully theirs,who is willing to work and fight to take it back from those who hold us back and continually strip our right's from us day by day.)We will rise up and become one victorious,multi-cultural/racial,truly equal right's and opportunities,non-outcasted,non ostracized,strong,independent,world of one race,and that's mankind.The following need NOT sign:Government officials,Radical supremisist groups such as the also targeted K.K.K.,the egotistical,close-minded,grandious attituded,unfaithful,non-loyal,or any other who know's that they are the targeted or who know's that they are a "Weak Link." If the formerly mentioned Qualities fit you or how you feel then feel free to sign and don't forget to include to include your e-mail address or some way excluding snail-mail that I could reach you with detail's."Not only the strong survive." " I feel that the more ears I can speak to,the more eye's I can show the way to,The more heart's I can touch,The more cries I can hear, the more hands I can take hold of and pull out of suffering,The more minds I can teach,then free.Then the more love I can Generate for them and the better I can serve myself,my neighbor,my country, my world, My fellow mankind.-Me"

238. Pravat Cave Tree

Long ago in the world of Temuair, a seedling was cast into the dirt. With the coming rain, the tiny cute adorable seedling grew into the most beloved tree in all the world. Yet as its branches grew, it did not know of its fate...that one early morn, its life would be shattered, and stolen!

239. shia labeouf fans

Nov, 2005: This petition is now closed. Thanks to those who signed.


Shia Labeouf is doing movies all over the world but not in South Carolina - i mean what is wrong people? He should be. Around the world he is so cute!

240. Create a new Komintern!

A petition to found a new komintern (comintern) to be run by the communist governments of the world.